DIY Events: Host a Midnight in the Garden Party for Under $50!

Courtney In Wonderland

Whilst working at an online party store I had a customer once call up and tell me she was hosting a Midnight in the Garden theme party. I was instantly transported to an elegant outside soiree on a clear moonlit night in a green silk dress similar to Keira Knightly’s dress that was worn in the movie Atonement. It was such a graceful and beautiful theme for a party that I thought I would introduce it to you all and give you some ideas on how you can host your very own Midnight in the Garden event – but maybe without the expensive price tag that comes with Keira Knightly’s iconic dress.

 Midnight in the Garden Dessert Table

Get Back To Nature With The Venue, Décor and Food:

The most classic venue idea to really set the tone for a Midnight in the Garden party would be to utilise a forest, overgrown backyard, high tea garden or a woody outside venue. Use nature’s décor and incorporate grass, tree stumps and flowers to keep the theme throughout the party and you use these smaller natural decorations on food or dessert tables.

Put palm prongs and fern trees in dark glass jars and vases; and completely cover your dessert table in it. Using a heavy brown table cover will give the appearance of nature’s floor without bringing the dirt to your dessert table and you can use tree stumps (as clean and bug free as you can find!) to use as an elevated cake stand. Throw in some dark taper and votive candles, as well as fairy lights, to give it the magical midnight element. Silver platters and single rosemary sprigs make for a super fancy time while you’re at it too!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to put together a dessert table that reflects your natural garden focus. Dainty tea cakes and scones are a great way to bring the “garden party”, but you can also get natural yet sophisticated snacks in the form of mixed nuts, high quality cheese platters, and delicious berry selections. Now we’re talking about a sophisticated soiree!

Mossy Glitter Jars

DIY Mossy Glitter Jars:

I’ve been experimenting with glitter jars for a little while and they are super fun and easy to make. They add a bit of sparkle and shine to a glittering party and get guests excited to drink from such a fabulous vessel. For a Midnight in the Garden party, using a forest green glitter helps to add to the garden theme by making it look like a shiny, lush moss is growing on your glass jars. You can also use glitter in similar colours to the theme, such as midnight blue and black  and they turn into a great jar idea for a Peacock colour themed party as well!. Cover the base of the jars in craft glue, dip into a pot of your chosen glitter and let dry. Spray with hairspray once completely dry to seal the coat and serve with some matching paper straws. Cute!

Once you’re all set up, swan around the garden in your beautiful dress and hold onto your glass of wine with your blood red nails. Make sure the fairy lights are on and if you want to add a little more intrigue and mystery, make it a masquerade! It is sure to be a fanciful night that you will never forget!


Tree stumps, fern bushes, twigs and garden items – Free

Glass jars and vases – Free

Brown tablecloth and Black Table Runner- $4.00

Votive Candles – $4.00 each including candle and holder

Craft Glue – $2.00

Milk Bottles – $2.00 a bottle

Glitter Packets – $2.00 each

TOTAL PRICE: $14.00!

So there you have it, your own Midnight in the Garden party for under $50. If you decide to use any of these ideas and options, don’t forget to email me at

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