Wizard Wednesdays: A Springtime Fairy Frolic

Fairy Frolic

There are many magical things to make and marvelous things to do when you’re a wizard, so it’s best to get involved with as many magic folk as possible – that way you have opened yourself up to new experiences and new things to learn. One of these experiences is a wonderful Springtime Fairy Frolic to help ring in the new season.

The Venue:

Fairies love the outdoors, so pick a day when the weather has been forcasted to be good and bright and have a party in you backyard, patio or garden. This makes decorating easy too as it is all in your backyard and you can set up with ease! Set vases and pots of fairy friendly flowers and herbs around the garden, and if you pot them just right, you can even give them to guests as a token to say “thank you for coming to my party!”

The Maypole:

Fairies love to dance around the maypole, and wizards do too. It makes for a great decoration that you can even dance with. In ye old merry England, villagers crowned a May Queen and put an old tree trunk in the middle of the village green. It was decorated with ropes and flowers and leaves, and the villages would dance around the maypole, holding onto the ropes and winding them in and out to make beautiful patterns.

If you would like to have your own maypole to dance around you will need a 3m long wooden pole with a stand for it to go in, as well as some decorative items. Paint the wooden pole and the stand and decorate with whatever you like (jewels, sequins, leaves, flowers, crepe paper, anything!) and than make sure that the wooden pole will sit up straight.

Stretch seven rolls of satin ribbon over the top of the pole and fix into place using screws and a small round wooden dial to hold them in place. The ends of the ribbons will then hang down the side of the pole when it is in it’s stand and standing upright. Secure the stand to the floor using a mallet to tie it into the ground.

Once the maypole has been constructed, guests can dance, skip or run around the maypole, singing and jingling in time to fairy music. When dancing, you want the ribbons to plait themselves together into what is called “a big braid”. Have dancers stand about arm distance apart and get every second person to dance around the maypole counter clockwise, while every first person dances clockwise. As each guest passes another, alternate which side they pass on – first past the right shoulder and then past the left shoulder, and so on and so on.

After the ribbons have been braided, the adult wizard should give the signal and the dancers reverse direction to untangle the braid.


The Costumes:

The Wizard has always made it known that you can lure fairies out of hiding to play with you if you wear a magical wrist charm. To make one, all you need is:

Loom bands or braided materials

Small jingle bells

Large beads




  1. Measure and cut lengths of ribbon about 12 cms long. You will need several lengths for each wrists.
  2. Twist the loom band/material strands at one end and thread several beads on both stems, pushing them to the twist. Twist the strands together to secure them.
  3. Make another twist about 1.3cms from the last one and tie a length of ribbon to it. Twist the stems again to secure the ribbon.
  4. Make another twist another 1.3cms from this last one and slide a jingle bell into it. Twist the stems again to secure.
  5. Repeat the steps to add more beads, ribbons and bells. When they have been filled, twist the ends once more to secure the decorations. Now you can wind them around your wrist for a beautiful fairy style decoration to jingle and jangle up the maypole dancing.

The Food:

Lavender Lemonade

Fairy don’t drink anything that isn’t made from a flower, so to quench the thirst at your Springtime Fairy Frolic you will need some special lavender lemonade.


5 cups water

½ cup lavender blooms, stemmed

A saucepan and a fine mesh sieve

1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

½ cup sugar

Mint leave and lavender sprigs


  1. In a small saucepan, bring the water to a boil. Remove from heat and add the lavender blooms. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and set the tea aside.
  3. Add the lemon juice and sugar to the lavender tea and refridgerate until cool.
  4. When serving, garnish the tea with mint leave and lavender sprigs for a beautiful effect.

Candied Violets


Violet blossoms

1 egg white

Baking paper, a cookie sheet and a handheld micer

Castor Sugar


  1. Wash the violets gently in cool water and set them aside to drip dry.
  2. Use the handheld mixer to whip the egg white until its frothy but doesn’t form peaks.
  3. Lay a piece of baking paper on the cookie tray. Dip the violets one by one into the egg white, roll them lightly in sugar and place on the baking paper. Let them dry for a full day before consuming. Magic!

Don’t forget at your Fairy Frolic to tell some Fairy stories, and maybe even hire a fairy performer to bring some magic to your event! Alas, this Wizard must be going now though, but if you stay tuned, I will bring you another amazing adventure from my travels – an Egyptian Summer Solstice Party. See you then!

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