Peacock Wedding Cake

Peacock Wedding Cake

Photo by Holly Dowell

I personally adore utilising the colours of a peacock for an event – the brilliant blues, purples and green mix so vividly together and turn any party into a sophisticated gathering. A friend of mine named Holly has been ever so kind as to share with me the peacock feather detailed wedding cupcakes that she showcased for her friends and family at her peacock themed wedding – and it’s absolutely amazing!

The wedding cake, as designed by Cake of Your Dreams,featured hand cut peacock feathers for each singular cupcake and a beautiful top layer to cut into ceremoniously and treasure afterwards. Cupcakes were chosen so “that everyone had an individual wedding cake of their own which is such a lovely and sharing idea. Peacock feathers were a main theme with long stemmed feathers adorning the crown of the cake, and the beautiful bride boasting both a peacock feather hair ornament and a bouquet of long stemmed feathers instead of a bridal bouquet – what an amazing and unique idea!

The idea behind the peacock themed wedding was because “they are such regal and beautiful creatures and have such stunning colours”, and that Holly has always collected peacock themed items.

If you have some of your own unique wedding cakes, or cupcakes, let me know! Email me at and I just might feature it on my blog. If not, don’t forget to add it to the comments below. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Peacock Wedding Cake

  1. I love it when people serve cupcakes at weddings, it’s so nice to get your own little cake to enjoy. I love the peacock theme because it’s so bright and colorful. I’m sure the rest of the wedding was just as stunning!


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