Top 5 Creative Wedding Photos For Your Big Day

You’re taking photos for your wedding album and you are having simply the best day! You’re marrying the person that you love, all your friends and family are here to celebrate with you and it’s been a beautiful day. Sure, it’s going to be memorable for you, but how can you take it just that one step further to make it memorable for everyone (not to mention get your wedding photos on your photographer’s blog and maybe in that bridal magazine you keep under your bed)? The answer is by taking the most beautiful, fun photos you could possibly imagine!

Pamela and Jesse Sargent Wedding

Photography by Adam Biesenthal 

1. The Dinosaur

Stunning photographer Adam Biesenthal recently sparked my imagination (and everyone else’s!)  with this amazing dinosaur themed wedding photo that featured none other than Jeff Goldblum, who just happened to be a guest at the party. It’s a fun idea, having your bridal party running away from a terrifying beast that you can later photoshop in, but the best bit? Jeff Goldblum was such a dude that he stayed in character the whole time, slipping back into his Jurassic Park role. His face is so serious!


Photo by Nora Devai Photography

2. Off To See The Wizard

Now I did this photography series on my wedding day and it was so much fun!!! Linking arms, myself and the bridal party skipped along the beach while singing “We’re off to see the Wizard” from the movie The Wizard of Oz. It made for a beautiful shot, and everyone was having so much fun that it made for a great candid photo. Fun = fabulous photo!


Photo by Nora Devai Photography

3. Jumping

This is a classic wedding photo, but it makes for an awesome candid shot of everyone in the air. Byron and my brother looked like they were stuck to a wall, while I look like I have one leg – but it’s a great one to do for a more casual wedding.

The role playRole Playing “Cannibalism” on the bride. Photo by Origami Creatives

4. The Role Plays

We did this role play series at my friend’s wedding (Country Strong With A Colour Pop) and it was so much fun. Essentially you just play a series of games and the photographer captures each fun filled and glorious moment on film. We did these adorable role play photos and with the kind of creative minds in the group we came up with some absolutely crazy shots. It’s definitely worth a go if you have a strong sense of humour! I love this shot of re-enacting cannibalism on the bride – gives me a great idea for the more avid zombie lovers out there…


Photo by Nora Devai Photography

5. The Romantic

Ah a classic! It’s the shot that most weddings photo albums will have. It’s a celebration of your love, so get lovey dovey! It will make for a beautiful photo. If you want to spice it up a bit, pretend that you’re on the cover of a romance novel complete with billowy shirts and long dresses. I can absolutely guarentee it will be a fun shot!

Let me know if you did, or will do, any of these photos by commenting here, or even emailing me the photos at

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