Wizard Wednesdays: Aladdin’s Cave Party

Aladdin's Cave

Now when one hears the term wizard, one would not necessarily think of Aladdin and his cave, but with the classic idea of rubbing a lamp and meeting a genie you certainly couldn’t deny there is a certain type of magic involved. The wonderful Wizard decided to spend some time saying “open sesame!” to the secrets of a desert’s wizard party, so I present to you today’s Wizard Wednesday – Aladdin’s Cave Party!

The Decorations:

When you’re out in the desert as part of an Arab or Bedouin tribe you would find yourself camping out in a tent, and not just any tent but an absolutely huge one! The best way to decorate your venue is to make it like a tent. You can go all out and create a tent out of a pile of sheets and whatever you can find to post it up, or you can even go to the professional lengths and hire actual tents and colourful fabrics to adorn your venue. Add in some chic Arabian style carpets and layer them as much as possible, and add in a series of fluffy throw pillows and even fabulous vases of flowers. You will find yourself stepping directly into a desert party.

No matter what you do, make sure you have a few magic carpets in with the decorations. Magic carpets are the crux of any Aladdin party and they can have any pattern or fabric on them – just sprinkle some magic dust on them (some glitter will do!) and you will be flying off on your own Arabian adventure.

Get yourself a super special genie bottle and hide some special genie treats in them (some lollies would be awesome!) and see who can ignite the spark in the genie!

The Costumes:

Many wizards in the desert would be hot in their thick wizards robes, so they tend to wear a striped robe called a Jellaba and a headdress known as a Kaffiyeh. Design your robe like you would the Merlin robe in the last Wizard Wednesday: Merlin’s Birthday Party, but use plan cotton fabrics decorated with fabric paints or even a smaller and lighter striped design.

Next, make a Kaffiyeh. You will need two lengths of thick corn measuring around 36 inches in length and a plain white patterned piece of cloth that is also measured around 36 x 36 inches.

Firstly, tie the two cords at one end with a knot and thread the knot around so it spirals together like a braid and tie at the end.

Next, fold the square of cloth in half to form a triangle and place the folded triangle on your head with a point on each should and one down the back. Adjust the cloth so that the folded edge comes about halfway down your forehead. Wrap the knotted cords around your head and tie the loose ends down the back. Viola! You are ready to face the sandstorm!

The Games:

There are heaps of fun things you can do besides flying high on your magic carpet singing “A Whole New World”. One activity that The Wizard suggests is to follow the ancient gypsy practice of reading palms. If you learn to do it, the guests will have great fun reading each other’s palms and even bringing this skill with them when they leave. Some cool ways to pick up the art of palmistry is to check out these awesome links below:

When your done, don’t forget to share the story of Aladdin and the Legend of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. All of these stories are available in book version and movie version, so there is something there for everybody!

The Food:

There are several Middle Eastern foods that you can serve at your Aladdin’s Cave Party that are sure to be a hit. Think Hummus and Toasted Pita Bread, Shish Kebabs on swords (mini swords – not real ones!) and Tabbouleh salad. It’s guaranteed to get your any genie out of a bottle! Have a look at the following links for some great recipe ideas:

And there you have it, a few different ways you can bring the flavour and magic of the Arabian Deserts to your very own little wizard party! Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next Wizard Wednesday – a Springtime Fairy Frolic.

xx Courtney xx

One thought on “Wizard Wednesdays: Aladdin’s Cave Party

  1. What a great theme for a party! I love middle eastern food and I really like the idea of teaching your guests palmistry.


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