Wizard Wednesdays: Merlin’s Birthday Party

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When you think about Merlin the Magician, you can’t help but think about the Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur and maybe even a little bit of Game of Thrones – with less violence. Well some of these ideas for a Merlin Birthday Party would go hand in hand with a medieval theme, or even a Game of Thrones themed party.


If you have yourself a round table, I would highly recommend making this one of the centrepieces. You can lay out a king’s feast on it or adorn it with toy swords and shields for the knights to use, just make sure that you have put together a special throne for your birthday guest of honour. Adorn a spare chair with large plastic jewels, sequins or marbles using a hot glue gun and drape it in a fancy tiger print rug (you can buy some from Homeart of $5!) to give it an extra special royal feel.

You can also decorate the walls by turning it into an armoury on display. Cut out large coats of arms or shield shapes and use colourful construction paper, jewels or 3D crosses and markers to create a Coat of Arms for each knight. You can make it as real as you want by researching different shields and Coats of Arms on the internet, and you can even attach it to some recycled cardboard boxes to create a thicker effect. Hang them on the wall to add to your king’s castle look.

Merlin’s Robes:

If it’s one thing that I love it’s a silk blue wizards robe, and if anyone was going to wear one, it would definitely have been Merlin! This is the perfect opportunity to provide you lovely readers with the instructions on how you can make your very own robe!

What you need:

1 yard of fabric for your wizards robe (I highly recommend blue satin!)

Measuring tape, scissors, pencil or fabric marker

Straight Pins

Sewing Needles and thread to match and sewing machine (optional)

18 inches of heavy cording

Bias Tape

Large piece of Cardboard

Fabric Paint and a paint brush

fusible webbing, iron and decorative trimming


1. Get a friend to help you measure you to determine the fabric that is needed. Have your friend measure you from the top of your shoulder down to the floor and add an inch for the hem. Multiply this measurement by 2 to determine the cut length of the fabric needed. Get your friend to measure you from one wrist to the other across the back of your shoulders and add 2 inches for the sleeve hems. This determines the amount of fabric needed. Fabrics 110 cms are wide enough for most wizards over the age of 10. Lastly measure the inside arm length from wrist to underarm and loosely around the base of your neck.

2. Fold the length of fabric in half with the right sides together. Lay the folded fabric flat on a large tabletop and pin the bottom edges together in several places. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise so that you have four layers of fabric and secure the open edges with straight pins.

3. Divide the total measurement from wrist to wrist, including the hem allowance, by 2. This makes the sleeve length. Measure and mark from the folded edge of the fabric to the sleeve length.

4. Determine how wide you want the sleeve of the gown to be and use a pencil or chalk to make a parallel mark on the unfolded open side to the chosen measurement. From this mark, draw a line equal to the inside arm length running parallel to the top fold.

5. Draw a line from the open edge at the bottom of the fabric to the mark for the inside arm length. For the neckline, divide the neck measurement by 6. Measure and mark a point on the top and side folds from the folded corner. Connect the marks with a curved line that form an arc.

6. Cut through all the layers for the neckline and along the lines marked for the sleeves and side.

7. Open up the robe and lay it flat. It will look like a T-shape with the fold at the top. Sew the side and sleeve seams with a 1/2 inch seam allowance by hand or sewing machine. A sewing machine with guarantee neater looking stitches.

8. Next turn the robe right side out and use a sewing machine or hand stitching to sew the hems of the sleeves and the bottom of the robe.

9. Cut a 4 inch slit from the neckline down the centre front of the rove and to finish the edges, attach a bias tape by machine or hand. To be honest, in my designs  I probably wouldn’t use this, but this is what the Wizard has decreed!

10. Decorate the robe however you would like. You can do this many ways – my favourite is to cut out silver satin stars from silver fabric and hand sew or use a sewing machine to attach them for a classic wizards look. You can also use markers or dressmaker’s chalk, cardboard, hot glue sequins and jewels to the robe or even use fabric paint to paint symbols on the robe.

11. When all is finished and dry, use the heavy cording as a classic belt for the robe. Now you are all set to cast your magic potions!

Sleeping Hat

Don’t forget as well, you will need a matching wizards hat! 

Follow the instructions for a sleeping hat as outlined in my Party Connection feature: DIY Events: Host a Dreamland Party for $50! Add a piece of cardboard that has been rolled up into a cylinder shape to place in the hat and help keep it nice and pointy for the wizards. How fun!


There are some cute and fun games you can play that are reminiscent of classic party games for children, but with a fun Merlin themed twist! You can play a game of Simon Says, but call it Merlin Commands. Choose one guest to be Merlin and they have one minute on a sand timer to say commands like “Merlin commands you to stand on one leg!” or “Merlin Commands you to get me a cookie!”. If someone doesn’t do it fast enough they have to sit out of the game and at the end the last person becomes Merlin and the game starts again.

Another game you can play is like I Spy, but is called Merlin’s All Seeing Eye. One guest is chosen as Merlin and states “Merlin’s all seeing eye sees something blue (or green, or wet or small etc.) and everyone has to guess what it is. The winner gets to be the new Merlin. You could also play this game where the guests have to get the item, or touch it, and the last ones to touch it or find the item is out.

You can also play the game of the Holy Grail. King Arthur’s knights spent a lot of time looking for the Holy Grail, and so should your party guests! Decorate a cup to be like a Holy Grail and hide it in the venue. The guests then have to find it based on a secret dragon message that you will need to create and read out one line at a time. When someone finds it, they get to use the Holy Grail all night and spend some time in the Throne!



Pegasus’ Caramel Apples

Merlin has a pet Pegasus, don’t you know? And it takes more than a normal apple or a carrot to satisfy a flying horse to take Merlin on magical journeys. Create this amazing treat to feed your own flying people.


8 Medium Apples

8 Wooden Paddle Pop Sticks


1 cup coarsely chopped nutes

75 pieces of small cubed caramel

Saucepan, spoon and bowl


1. Wash and dry the apples. Remove the stem and place a wooden paddle pop stick into each of the apples.

2. Butter a cookie sheet pain and place the apples on it.

3. Chop the nuts, place them in a small bowl and set them aside.

4.Put 45ml of water into a saucepan with the caramel pieces and heat them over a medium to low heat, stirring them frequently, until the caramel has melted and is smooth with the water.

5. Dip each of the apples into the saucepan and coat with caramel. Tap the apples on the side of the bowl lightly to smooth them off and then place the apple into the bowl of nuts briefly before returning it to the cookie sheet.

6. Put in the fridge until set and serve on a stand. Delicious!

Don’t forget to set off the real Merlin the Magician theme by giving some of the guests a story telling feast about King Arthur and Merlin. It makes for great entertainment and sets the tone of the party. Many people don’t know the idea behind Merlin, but apparently he was a famous wise man of the old Celtic tribes who gave his advice to great British kings. His mother was a Welsh princess and his father was secretly supernatural. Merlin had the power to see the future, appear and disappear, cast spells and make magical potions. Legend has it that Merlin used his powers to bring stones across the sea from Ireland and created what is known as Stonehenge outside of London – if you don’t believe that alien’s put them there of course!

I hope you enjoyed this classic wizard treat – I know I did! Stay tuned when The Wizard brings to us an Enchanting Aladdin’s Cave Party, where the blue genie brings to life some exotic ideas and inspiration for your next wizarding themed party!

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