Wizard Wednesdays: A Chinese Dragon Fete

The Wizard

This kind of magical party is perfect to help ring in Chinese New Year, or even to just spread some Spring magic into the air. Chinese dragons have always been involved in wizard legends for centuries, so why not add a little bit of a fireball dragons to your wizard party?


Make it clear that dragons are present by utilising your decorations. Scatter Dragon Scales (cue confetti) around and use red material over lamp shades to give the idea of firey red dragons. You can even paint a huge green or red dragon on a muriel or poster cardboard to hang above the food table. To bring the whole theme together, use the directions below to make your own Chinese Lanterns.


Cardboard or Construction Paper 9 x 12 inches thick

Ruler, pencil and scissors

Glue stick and masking tape

Faux Tealight candles.


1.Fold the cardboard or construction paper in half longwise and crease the fold. Measure and mark points at 1.3cm intervals along the two long edges. Connect the points vertically with a ruler.

2. Measure and mark a horizontal line 1.9cms from the unfolded long edge and use the scissors to cut the vertical lines up to the horizontal lines.

3. Unfold the paper and decorate the tops and bottom rim of the lanterns with Chinese calligraphy, dragon pictures or wizard shapes. Coat one of the vertical cuts with glue and bring the opposite side over to stick together.

4. Put the faux tealight candles into the lantern and scatter them around the room. Do the same directions but with bigger pieces of construction paper. Put small holes through the lanterns to put rope through and hang them around the room.

Games to Play:

There are loads of fun dragon themed games you can play with your guests, and one of the awesome ideas that The Wizard came up with was Fighting Dragon Hand Puppets. This way, your guests get all the fun of creating their dragon hand puppets, and all the fun is having a war between them.

Fighting Dragon Hand Puppets:


A sock of your choice

A pencil, ruler and scissors

Craft felt in different colours (white, red, green etc)

Copy paper

Iron on adhesive and an iron

Plastic drinking cups

Googly eyes


1. Lay the sock flat with heel side facing up. Fold the heel back towards the cuff and smooth it out. Measure the length from heel to toe and measuree the width of the sock.

2. Measure the width and length onto the red felt and cut out this shape. This will form a mouth. You can also sketch the same width and length onto a piece of paper, round it out and then trace it onto the felt if you want more of an exact measurement.

3. Lay the red felt mouth onto the sock with the iron on adhesvibe and use the iron to bond the adhesive to the mouth, as per the instructions on the iron on adhesive packets.

4. Bond the mouth to the flattened sock and allow to cool while it lays flay. To keep it attached you can also hand sew the mouth on if you would prefer.

5. To make the scales, cut out rectangular felt in a green colour about 2 and a half inches by 7 inches. Then fold the rectangle in hjald and cut triangles out along the length of the felt edges. Unfold the triangle and put iron on adhesives on to the felt.

6. Turn the sock over and use the iron on adhesives to attach the scales to the sock. Make sure the scales start from the bottom of the sock near the cuff. You can also hand stitch this in place as well if you would like.

7. Hot glue both sides of the scales that are sitting on top and then press them together. This will make the felt scales stand up and be more 3-Dimensial. Hold and press while it dries and ensure it has set before removing your fingers.

8. Cut a drinking straw in half and slip the straw towards the end of the sock, where your hand will sit above the mouth. This makes the snout of the dragon.

9. Use the hot glue gun and stick googly eyes next to and a little bit above the snout.

10. Cut out two circles from the felt and hot glue gun to the front of the snout to make nostrils. You can also use leftover felt to make teeth using the same design as the scales, but in a white felt. Use the hot glue gun to stick them to the mouth.

11. Once fully dry your dragon is now ready for battle. Set your guests up with their dragons and have them “fight” for a prize. Sometimes the dragons might loose some of it’s part in the battle, but lucky for you (and your hot glue gun!) dragon’s parts can grow right back!

Dragon Queen Scales


Scissors, grey lead pencils and coloured pencils

Colourful construction paper

Glue and sequins


1. Draw what you think a dragon scale would look like onto a piece of construction paper. Make it big and make it easy to cut out.

2. Once you have cut the scale out, you can use glue to make the scales more versatile by sticking them to recycled cardboard or even styrofoam trays.

3. Colour and decorate the scales with a series of sequins, colourful paper and coloured markers.

4. Once dry you can use this in your Dragon Queen Scale game. You can hide these scales around the house and your guests have to find them (like a scavenger hunt) or you can even pretend to be a big Dragon Queen and the guests have to steal them from your cave. Instant fun!

The Wizard 2


Dragon’s Breath Draught


Cranberry Juice

Baking Soda


1. Pour the cranberry juice into a container, punch bowl or your guests drinking cup.

2. Put a pinch of powdered baking soda into the juice and stir briefly until the drink bubbles, giving a hot breathy dragon look!

Dragon Cookies

1. Use a sugar cookie recipe like I blogged about in Cute As A Button Cookies but use a dragon shaped cookie cutter to cut the cookies out instead of the button shapes mentioned in the recipe.

2. Once the cookies have baked and cooled, use food colouring to mix several different coloured bowls of icing sugar and use these different coloured icing mixes to create dragon scales in green and red, claws and teeth in white and other different dragon type shapes on the cookies.

3. Viola! Now you have a delicious dragon cookie!

Dragons are a historical animal that have been feared and revered in many different parts of the world. You can see them adorning ancient temples and in every part of your imagination. They are known for their fiery breath and anger, but also for their kindess and their courage which is why dragon heartstrings make for great potions and magic wands. This is why having a dragon feature for your wizarding themed party would be a great idea!

Because dragons are known as protectors in Asia it makes sense to add these features together. It may seem like a bit all over the place, but the Asian decoration influence and magic of wizards really do go hand in hand.

If you have your own Chinese Dragon Fete, I would love to hear about it! Email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com.

Stay tuned for a more medieval approach to the wizarding lifestyle with a Merlin Themed Birthday Party. This will make a great idea if you want to add more of a Game of Thrones element to it, but until then enjoy your Chinese Dragon Fete!

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