Party Round-Up: June

Courtney In Wonderland

Welcome to the June edition of Party Round Ups – a post that shares some well deserved link love to the event stylists and event blogs out there! June has been crazy here for me (I started a new job and am getting ready to move!) and these are some of the things that have been inspiring me to get through it right now and I hope that they inspire you too.

Party Round Up:

  • Check out this amazing Alice in Wonderland themed photo shoot by Canberra based photography studio Sassy Studios. It was done to model a series of wedding dresses for Rockstars and Royalty, but you can definetly get some amazing ideas for an out of the box Alice in Wonderland themed wedding too!
  • I love the idea of vintage style food vans being at a wedding reception to make the whole event just a little more fun. This amazing wedding from Rock and Roll Bride was a roller coaster of vintage food vans and pastel polka dots. Love it!
  • So shiny and so vintage! Check out this Junk and Glitter themed wedding.
  • Check out this awesome Neon Glow in the Dark birthday party from Kara’s Party Ideas. It certainly puts colour to good use!
  • Frozen is super big right now, and while I wasn’t really a fan of the movie, you can’t deny Let It Go when it plays in the shopping centres and in the hearts of every child. Kara’s Party Idea’s made a Frozen themed party that was super clever and easy to emanate. Go for it!
  • I just couldn’t go past checking out this Louis Vuitton themed party from Kara’s Party Ideas. The cookies look to die for!

Other Articles:

  • When I was a wee little blogger I once had a Perez Hilton style celebrity gossip blog (I know, right!?) and I recently just had a quick squiz at it. If there is one thing I like (and feverishly collected) was images of clothing styles from TV shows and I put it together in a series of posts I called “So You Wanna Look Like…” It’s a bit lame but it is something I still do, so I thought I would share it all with you! Just Don’t judge me on my terrible pre-Party Connection days!
  • And while you’re at it, check out my list that I put together of the Top 30 Glee Performances from Season 1 – 3.
  • Day of the Dead is one of my favourite holidays, and my husband found these amazing Day of the Dead themed playing cards that are individually created by an amazing artist named Steve Minty. The video he made to sell the cards embodied the Day of the Dead spirit so much that I just simply had to show you. Check it out here:

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