DIY Hot Air Balloon Centrepieces

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons are a very trendy decoration being used in many different themed events nowadays – including steampunk themed parties, Disney Pixar “Up” themed parties and Wizard of Oz themed parties. Now I love the idea of a whimsical Hot Air Balloon as much as the next person, so I thought I would take a crack on making my own Hot Air Balloon that can be used as an adorable centrepiece for your dessert table, round tables or even hanging from the roof.


Colourful balloons filled with helium and tied with a long piece of twine or ribbon.

A colourful popcorn bucket  or ice cream scoop cup, depending on how big the Hot Air Balloon is that you are making.

Scissors and sticky tape.


1. Cut a small slit in the bottom of the popcorn bucket or ice cream cup. If you would like the decoration to have only one large balloon, I would suggest making only one slit. If it is going to have three or more balloons, cut the appropriate amount of slits in the bottom of the buckets. Make sure each slit is roughly 1/2 cm to 1 cm apart.

2. Cut the balloon’s ribbon down to size. If there is a large area to fill, make sure to keep the balloon strings long.

3. Thread the bottom of the balloon ribbon through the slits at the bottom of the bucket, making sure they pass through the open end of the bucket. Secure in place with sticky tape, both on the bottom of the bucket and on the inside. If you would prefer to use an actual basket, you can push the strings of the balloons through the wicker slats of the basket and secure in place as well.

4. Make sure the bucket sits flat on the table and looks they way you want it to. To weigh down the hot air balloon centrepiece, you can use coloured pebbles as weights, or even some cute little furry toys or action figures to represent the hot air balloon riders. Using pebbles are generally more preferred because they look great, and you can stick delicious lollipops or gifts for the tables coming out of the buckets.

5. Place your Hot Air Balloon in the centre of the table, and scatter some balloon shaped confetti around. To make it look more realistic, you can even use some fake grass to make it look like your Hot Air Balloon has just landed. So cute!

Candy Table

You can utilise a similar idea for a candy themed party, a Willy Wonka themed party, or even just a plain polka dot party. However, instead of using balloons in the centrepiece, you can simply fill a few random shaped buckets (they used a popcorn bucket, a drinking cup and an ice cream scoop bucket here) with some coloured pebbles or sugared almonds and place a few delicious rainbow lollipops in them. Coloured table runners and coloured napkins complete the look without too much effort at all. Easy!

2 thoughts on “DIY Hot Air Balloon Centrepieces

  1. gorgeous, we have a few different versions of both he hot air balloon and the willy wonka theme, if you want them short like the ones you have done you don’t even need the helium, just use a straw as the upright, it’s bit fiddly but saves the hassle and cost of helium.


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