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Puffy Bunting

If you ever go to Cambodia, like I did last year, you become witness to the amount of poverty and destruction that has unfortunately been a major impact on the country and it’s lifestyle. My husband and I tried to frequent restaurants and shops that were community fair trade and were serviced by children who had grown up on the street. That way it taught them important skills like cooking food, waiting tables, making items and selling them and earning themselves a decent job and decent money.

It was in one of these little restaurants – an establishment called Friends, located in Phnom Penh – where I made the most amazing discovery in my event world.

Now, Friends had a little shop next to it called Friends and Stuff, and in this store they sold a variety of items that had been made by the families of the kids working at Friends. It was a great way to help raise money for the training and resources of these kids. Naturally, my husband and I stocked up on Christmas presents that fed the community, but I could not walk by one item.

It was a row of orange, brown and white bunting hung up all around the store – but with a difference. This bunting was stuffed. Stuffed like a teddy bear to give it a 3D Puffy shape (hence my endeared term for it) and hanging from the shop shelves.

My husband told me I didn’t need it and how was I going to pack this in my suitcase anyway? But I didn’t care. My instincts and weird love of bunting told me that this was the greatest thing I had ever seen and will ever use in an event ever. For $6 it was a steal and my biggest regret of Cambodia was not buying every single bunting string in there!

But he was right – my suitcase was already heaving.

So I present to you lovely readers the greatest discovery of The Party Connection’s world – Puffy 3D Bunting. Coming soon to The Party Connection stores everywhere!

It’s guaranteed to add a real 3D edge to your party decorations.

Until it’s arrival,

xx Mrs Courtney Carr xx

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