Romantic Springtime Country Wedding

river Origami Creatives

Photo by Origami Creatives.

A few months ago, my friend was featured in a photography spread for Style Me Pretty blog. It was a beautiful romantic country wedding theme shot at Malibrae Farm by the amazing (and newly engaged!) photographer David Duong of Origami Creatives. The floristry and styling was set up by Pearl and Petal and they made the naturally beautiful farmland pop with wedding finery.

It was a cross between nature and romance and the photos looked absolutely amazing, so I thought I would share them with you lovely people – just in case you couldn’t get enough of Country Strong weddings!

Dinner Origami Creatives

Photo by Origami Creatives.

Weddings nowadays tend to feature a lot of drapery in the form of long layered tablecloths and coloured sashes for the chairs. It could also come about in beautifully decorated curtains or sashes at the wedding alter or even the beautiful drape of a bride’s wedding dress. This wedding photo shoot styled by Pearl and Petal featured the purity of the wedding with crisp white curtains draped over stylised brick archways, long swaying tablecloths and matching white wooden chairs. It contrasted with the natural landscape beautifully and gave the image of refinery and romance to the area.


Crystal Dangling

Photos by Origami Creatives.

The drapery was continued throughout the farm venue with white linens hanging from wooden ladder branches over romantic timber bridges. The curtains were roped off in a classic aristocratic style with woollen twine, and hung amongst dangling crystals. It made for some beautiful natural themed wedding photos that really popped!

Birds nest

Photo by Origami Creatives.

Origami Creatives mentioned on their website that the “inspiration behind the shoot was to create the feel of spring to highlight the joy of a young, new marriage” and that the feathers and birds nest used were to “help to highlight the joy and softness of the season of new life and renewal.”  This idea was utilised using delicate bird nests as wedding favours set in the middle of the polished country style white plates.

While you can purchase similar bird nests, you can also make one using a set of wire and twine to give it the picked up look. Place a couple of mixed, pastel coloured sugar almonds in the middle to represent birds eggs, and you have one beautiful soft spring bonbonniere.

Wooden Benches

Photo by Origami Creatives.

One of my favourite photos from this shoot has to be the wooden bench! Based on something you would normally walk by and ignore most days, this old wooden bench served as a beautiful combination of the natural and the maintained. Using a sign saying “HITCHED” is a classic decoration used in weddings nowadays, but adding it with a vegetable garden box creates a new heritage look. It’s absolutely amazing and Pearl and Petal did a fantastic job styling this shoot! Same as Origami Creatives for the beautiful photography as well – he is truly a great artist!

I hope you liked these photos from Origami Creatives. You can check out some more that feature my good friend Nicole as well from the Style Me Pretty blog and the Origami Creatives website. You should check out the video of the day as well – it’s absolutely gorgeous! Let me know what you think and if you get any ideas for your own wedding by emailing me at


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