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Let Them Eat Cupcakes

So in the past, I was quite a fan of writing articles deciphering different parties that were styled by different party and blog companies. It’s no secret, you can still see them on my blog. However, since studying at The Blogcadamy with my favourite blogging headmistresses, I have decided to only post 100% original content from myself on behalf of The Party Connection, and if not then it will be with strict permission.

But, in saying that, there are still regular blogs and posts that I haunt that I would love to share with you.

Others in the blogging community do weekly or monthly round ups of their favourite articles and posts on the internet, so I thought it would be a great way to incoporoate this popular trend into my own writing. This way you can guarantee a consistent article and find some other inspiration that you might love, even if it’s not my own content.

I’m also going to post some articles or websites that I have found interesting or inspiring, even if it’s not party related. I hope that’s all good with you guys!

So, without further ado, my first Party Round-Up!

  • If it’s one thing I love it’s hot air balloons! And if it’s another thing I have recently discovered a passion for, it’s travel anthropology branding (I know it’s specific!) This Travel Guest Dessert Feature by Amy Atlas Events hits both of these marks. Also the featured birthday child Arren is so adorable!
  • This Dark Circus Inspiration Shoot from the Rock n Roll bride blog is a great mark of inspiration for a Dark Circus themed party, wedding or even photo shoot. I love anything circus inspired!
  • This cake posted on the website 9gag is simply amazing! It’s Game of Thrones themed (which I only just started watching) and features the sword, the map of the mythological world, dragon scales and the legendary throne, plus many Game of Thrones tokens. It’s pretty amazing for any die hard fan!
  • I love the unique use of hexagon designs for this Soccer Themed Guest Dessert Feature by Amy Atlas Events. It seems hexagons are the new triangles when it comes to design and styling!

Other Articles and Posts:

  • This article about “The Meaning of the Selfie” was written by James Franco and published in The New York Times on December 26, 2013. While everyone sees the “selfie” as a narcissistic three- dimensional approach to uploading Facebook or Twitter status’, renaissance man James Franco sees it as a tool for communication. Anything by James Franco is definitely an interesting read!
  • I was very intrigued by the idea of a vampire facial. Made famous from Kim Kardashian, this new beauty treatment involves injecting blood out of your arm and into your face. It’s very Elizabeth Bathory, who was Vlad the Impaler’s (Dracula) cousin and killed 600 virgin women to bathe in their blood to retain her youth and beauty. It’s a scary idea, and it had me quite horrified! Don’t click on the links if your squeamish.
  • Married to a graphic designer, you have to keep a look out for stylish designs. Revolutionary chef Jamie Oliver has got his branding down pat and his articles about branding his Food Revolution and his overall Brand Bible are very inviting. I know Byron certainly appreciates it!
  • And last but not least, this delicious looking lyric video of Birthday by Katy Perry. I love a good birthday!

So I hope you met with some interesting articles and branched out more than you might have! I will be publishing a new Party Round Up at the end of every month so hold out until the end of May for some more interesting ideas!


3 thoughts on “Party Round-Up!

  1. LOVE Katy Perry! Thanks for posting the vid, I hadn’t seen it yet. Living under a rock lol. My fav’s in that video are the coloured layer cake, and the hundreds and thousands cake! I wanted either of those for my wedding, but didn’t want the crazy price tag that comes with it… We ended up going with a few cakes from the Cheesecake Shop. Delicious and cheap 🙂 The pay was the first to go surprisingly! And now we can have our wedding cake/s anytime 🙂 What did you and Byron have for your wedding cake?


  2. Hey Hayley!

    Yeah I loved all of the cakes in the video – they were so cartoony and delicious looking! I loved that Katy actually came out at the end as well: normally for a lyric video it wouldn’t feature the singer at all! Delicious! Your cake from the Cheesecake Shop sounds great as well – why go all out when they are just as delicious?

    Byron and I actually had a Lime and Coconut cake for our wedding, to go with the Lime and Coconut theme. It was actually a lime green coloured sponge cake with white frosting on the outside, and coconut shavings on top. We also had cute little Sock Monkey Bride and Groom cake toppers that were sitting on top of a coconut, which rounded the whole thing out nicely because it wasn’t a layered cake – it only had one tier!

    Surprisingly, Byron didn’t want a cake at all for the wedding – he wanted to follow the Cambodian tradition of cutting fruit. I told him we would compromise and serve it with fruit and coconut ice cream instead. It turned out really delicious!!!!

    Thanks for reading and posting Hayley, I really appreciate it!

    Courtney 🙂


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