Lime and Coconut Themed Wedding – Reception

Nora Devai Photography

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

So you’ve all had a look at my blog post about my Lime and Coconut themed wedding ceremony and are getting excited about hearing about the reception right? Well I can barely contain myself with how amazing my wedding was to my perfect man so I am super excited to share it with you!

Byron and I continued the Lime and Coconut themed wedding into the reception, but instead of having it vintage style like the wedding was it was a bit more modern and contemporary. It’s a perfect match for us and when we discovered the existence of a South East Asian infusion wine bar named Wild Ginger exactly eight minutes from the beach we were having the ceremony at, we knew it was absolutely perfect!

As some of you already know, Byron and I have been travelling to a series of South East Asian countries for the last five years and have been to such countries as Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia (You will see these countries featured in my blog series International Wedding Inspiration) and we love eating the style of food you get there. We’re also avid wine drinkers and love checking out local wineries and vineyards for their delicious flavours. Mixing the two together seemed like such a strange concept, but here we were standing in front of the perfect blend of both for our wedding! It was destiny!


Photo by Nora Devai Photography

Something which made the restaurant a perfect venue for our reception was the fact that it was such a blank canvas – the entire inside of the restaurant was black! Black walls, black ceiling, black carpet and dark furniture was a beautiful modern feature throughout the restaurant and was illuminated with a gorgeous piece of bright orange and black artwork on the very back wall.

Byron, who had been experimenting with zesty brights during recent graphic design work, came up with the great idea to turn the reception into more of a zesty theme and make the lime green pop in feature colours and focus less on the champagne/tan brown and white of the coconut. These would be neutral accents to the reception and highlight the lime green.

The main decorative pieces we had to work with were the tables. We set the restaurant up into six long rectangle tables and put a small bridal table in the middle for just Byron and I to act as a refuge for us to stop, breathe and reflect on the day and what was going on around us.

Zesty Wheel and Barrow Table Runners

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

We decided quite last minute and through a lot of practice sessions to feature a long table runner that we got through the store Wheel and Barrow, which was a zig zag stripe pattern in lime green, light green and white. It really impacted the zesty design we were going for as the only way to describe the table runner was zesty and fun.

Fireflies in a Jar

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

To carry on with the zesty and fun feeling we decided to add three Fireflies in a Jar to each table as the main centrepiece. Now, these fireflies have a back story, which was when we went to Malaysia we went to a firefly colony and saw thousands of these beautiful light up bugs twinkling amongst the darkened trees next to a river. It was the most beautiful sight that either one of us had ever seen and moved us to tears. We found these battery-operated fireflies in a jar that emitted a green glow and flew around the jar when you tapped it, so we bought three for each table and made a cute little chalkboard tag and wrote “Tap Me!” on it. We fastened it with green and white bakers twine around the jar and all night long you could hear people tapping away on the jars making them glow.

Something we thought was great was how popular these jars were! We had many people thinking that we had actually caught real fireflies and put them in the jars, and quite a large number decreed they were going to take them home and did! It was super popular, but also interactive, so it had guests who may not have necessarily known each other talking over these cute fireflies. It was a winner in the decoration department, and was super personal to Byron and I.

Menu Cards

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

To add a bit of extra shine around the jars we featured a wedding basic of tea light candles and glass tea light candle holders. We also had café style menu cards where Byron designed the menu of the night and a wooden frame that his aunt gave us to signify each table number. My mother and my brother’s girlfriend set the tables up during the day of the wedding and sat our wedding gift (a brown paper packaged box of Lindt chocolates) on each plate, followed by black card that featured every guest’s hand written names. It was a cute way to bring the champagne/tan colour scheme that had run throughout the ceremony into the reception, without it being a focus colour.

Lanterns at Wild Ginger

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

Byron also decided to add in a beautiful array of white and lime green paper ball lanterns hanging from the ceiling and set them up on the day using the left over green and white bakers twine (we used this throughout the wedding and purchased two rolls. It lasted and looked good used on everything and is probably the best value of money you could get for an event!). They hung above the tables and the dance floor and pulled the lime green and white colour elements into the tables and spread it out amongst the venue as well. I think it was one of the best decisions we made with the reception (and that’s saying something because they were all perfect decisions for the reception!) and would definitely recommend doing something like this for your own! It was popular with our young niece at the wedding as well as she couldn’t take her eyes off of it so it pays back with entertainment for young children.

Bride and Groom Table

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

The reception also featured a few smaller elements, such as when you came in the dance floor you saw a black frame with the table listing on it, a large glass candy jar that was used as a wishing well with a lime green ribbon it, and an area for gifts and the cake. They were super simple to put together and just worked really nicely. I also placed four jars around the gift table for the bridesmaids to put their bouquets in, and a bigger one on our bridal table for mine. We didn’t have green table runners on our bridal table, but used the bouquet as a centrepiece instead. It really separated the bridal table, but brought it in together with the rest of the tables by using the other table decorations on our table too.

Wild Ginger Curry

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

Now, while decorations are my favorite part, I can hear you all begging to hear about the food! We served a series of delicious meals in the form of canapés, entrees and mains. For the entrees we had things like crispy pork belly betel leafs with chilli jam, smoked trout betel leafs with Thai Basil mayonnaise and oyster and coriander Bloody Mary shots. We had basic deep fried gourmet goodies as entrees and followed it with delicious mains such as slow cooked beef cheeks in southern style curry, Japanese perch in a super spicy red curry, and mixed tofu curry for the vegetarians.

Lime and Coconut Wedding Cake

 Photo by Nora Devai Photography

To finish off the mains and the night we also served a lime and coconut sponge wedding cake, complete with adorned sock monkey cake toppers (we love sock monkeys and these ones had cute lime green elements such as a lime green hair bow and bow tie!) and coconut shaved pieces around the frosting. Yes, we had frosting on our wedding cake – not this marzipan stuff! Everyone seemed to be in awe of the cake (which was green on the inside) and loved the icing, so I definitely recommend doing something a bit different for your own wedding. It keeps people talking about it – not just on the night but for time afterwards!

The new Courtney Carr

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

The reception was so perfect for us – the champagne was flowing, the speeches was beautiful and heartfelt, I was constantly crying because I was so happy and the food was devoured in amazed delight. When putting together your own wedding reception, for it to end up as happy as ours, you need to think of a few elements to put it all together. Some of my suggestions would be:

  1. Do something different and unique. You think of the food served at weddings and you think alternate plating of chicken, beef, chicken, beef. Dare to be different and have your reception somewhere that you like the feel and flavor of – not what is expected at a wedding. Everyone raved about the food at our wedding and how different it was and how delicious it was and it truly was because it was personal and reflected what Byron and I like, and also it was an amazingly delicious Asian infusion restaurant! I truly recommend that if you are down in the Jervis Bay area, check out Wild Ginger for a delectable meal!
  1. Marzipan is boring. Do something different with the cake as well. Nobody likes the traditional fruitcake with marzipan icing on it and if you want to save the top tier for your first anniversary than make the top tier the fruitcake part – then you and your groom, who are the ones that chose it, are the one’s eating it. You can get amazing flavoured cakes now, in amazing designs and patterns and colours so chat with your cake maker and think outside the box. Do the same for the cake topper as well. Get something that reflects who you are as a couple, not something that most wedding cake toppers have in your hair colour. Get people talking with how interesting your wedding was, not how normal it was.
  1. Paper Ball Lanterns and Bakers Twine are key part elements – for a reason! We were debating using these items, but in the end they pretty much saved the whole decorational element to the reception! As an event planner I highly recommend and recognize these two items are key items for any event. They come in pretty much every colour and you can use them again and again. They are just a great way of tying the venue in to the table decorations, or the candy table or dessert buffet and gives the whole event a more 3-Dimensional feel, rather than being flat and boring. They turn any event into an effervescent celebration!
  1. Think about your guests. It’s a general wedding etiquette rule, but you need to make sure that everyone is covered and not just in the dietary requirements department. Is there enough room to change your baby niece or nephew should an accident occur? Is there access for the elderly or the disabled? Will your guests be able to sit down straight away and if not, is there somewhere for them to go while you take photos? How will you keep your guests occupied while you and the bridal party are taking photos? Is there somewhere for your guests to stay the night and if not will there be enough transportation to get them home?

In the end it’s your wedding day but people have come to celebrate you. The least you can do is make them comfortable so they will have a good time doing it. 

Hopefully these little suggestions get you thinking about your own wedding and things you can do to make your reception just as perfect as mine was! I hope you loved the photos and the design and decorations because Byron and I are really proud about how it all turned out and I hope all of our hard work shows.

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