Lime and Coconut Themed Wedding – Ceremony

Byron and Courtney

Photo by Nora Devai Photography.

Throughout many of my portfolio posts you may have noticed a consistent Lime and Coconut theme; especially when it came to Save the Date Lime and Coconut Candles, chalkboard style Lime and Coconut themed invitations and a Lime and Coconut themed engagement party. These have all been leading up to the one event – the crème de la crème when it comes to planning and styling events in my portfolio – my own personal wedding!

It was a beautiful wedding and everything ended up being perfect for us on the day right down to the weather, which they were threatening to turn quite nasty. Everything ended up going so well and we had a truly perfect day.

We held at wedding in the Jervis Bay region on Friday 14th February 2014 (yes it was Valentine’s Day but before you start yelling for Hallmark Holidays this date held special significance to us) and was followed by a delicious reception at a South East Asian style restaurant in the area. However, before I make this post a million pages long talking about my wedding, I thought I would separate the design and planning aspects into two segments – ceremony and reception. So hold on for the delicious reception – I will be talking about that to you soon!

Australian Bushland

Our theme for our wedding has always been Lime and Coconut and we have tried to maintain this theme throughout every aspect of the wedding, thus the invitations and themed engagement parties. We love the smell of lime and coconut together because it reminds of a tropical paradise – namely Hawaii and since we were unable to marry in Hawaii we thought we would bring Hawaii to the wedding.

We accomplished this through the lime and coconut colour theme of lime green, white and tan/brown, but also through the location and style of the ceremony and reception. We chose to hold the ceremony on Australia’s whitest sand beaches in the Jervis Bay region, and the Australian bush land and beautiful blue jewel of the water really created a beautiful array of colours for the backdrop to the wedding.

 Bamboo Archway

To minimize stress as much as possible, we hired an event stylist and florist by the name of Jen from As A Whisper to set up the beach for us. She provided the beautiful bamboo archway that we took our vows in front of, and incorporated the lime and coconut theme with lime green material flowing off it.

We added folding white gladiator chairs and white wire signing tables to go with the rest of the decorations (white for the inside of a coconut!) and my husband Byron and his mother picked beautiful fragrant frangipani flowers to throw on the aisle. While the flowers in my bouquet were white Singapore orchids, lilies and cut limes, the frangipani’s were a great tribute to the beach and Byron’s hometown.

Conch Shell

Photo by Nora Devai Photography.

We also had many tributes to traditional Hawaiian customs throughout the ceremony, which was beautifully crafted by our wonderful celebrant Monty. He really made the whole ceremony personal, celebratory and an overall dedication of our love. You can check out some of the Hawaiian customs and traditions we held at our wedding in my blog post Hawaiian Wedding Customs. One of the more notable ones was having our awesome celebrant Monty blow a conch shell at the start of the reception to signify the start of something wonderful – and something wonderful it was!

Antique Wash Station Photo by Nora Devai Photography.

As we were getting married on the beach and chances were that in the middle of summer it would be a hot day, we served chilled bottled water in a rustic style metal drink bucket, which was available throughout the ceremony. Something that we thought was just an amazing addition as well from As A Whisper was an antique washing station, which featured neat buckets of water and towels for guests to dip their feet in after the sandy ceremony.

Antique Wash Station 2

 Photo by Nora Devai Photography.

We also arranged with As A Whisper to provide another wash station that featured spray bottles of insect repellant and sunscreen, should the guests get any nasty visitors or burns. It also had a mirror so you could make sure you looked your best for the photos. Genius!

Courtney and Byron Welcome Sign

Photo by Nora Devai Photography.

One last thing that I loved seeing as I approached the aisle was our markers for our guests. We had one large white event flag at the turnoff to the beach and the best bit was a vintage style chalkboard featuring the names of my husband and I. It filled me with hope and love and excitement for the future and for the wedding!

Lime and Coconut

Photo by Nora Devai Photography.

So in the end, next to the Australian bush land back drop, the wedding had an antique vintage style feel with the wash station and the ice buckets and the vintage dresses, but maintained the lime and coconut colour theme by having white coconut coloured furniture and one signature lime green centrepiece to make the whole thing pop. It worked perfectly in contrast to our more modern reception and worked perfectly with our own unique style as a couple, which is generally a blend of vintage and contemporary.

The wedding ceremony was perfect thanks to the combined help of Byron’s family and groomsmen, Jen from As A Whisper and Monty the celebrant, as well as the many others involved. My only suggestion is that if you are thinking of having your own beach wedding you need to think about a few things, and in the case of being an event planner I would suggest:

  1. What is your wet weather back up? Weather can change on you at any time and while we were lucky on the day you need to arrange a wet weather plan (or a plan if it’s too hot, or cyclone has hit, or anything) to ensure that your day doesn’t get ruined. We used an event stylist, so we ordered some marquees to be put up on the day if it was too hot or too wet and made the call on the day. We also bought lime green umbrellas for the bridal party to walk around in if it ended up being too wet. Get your options in place, but hopefully you won’t have to use them!
  2. Is the beach clean and free of people? You don’t want a man in Speedo’s playing Frisbee with his children through your reception so have a designated person to try and keep the beach clear. Most people will steer clear of the wedding anyway, but it’s a good thing to watch out for. If you have an event stylist like we had, they generally clear people out of the area while they are setting up. Also, beaches bring in nasty things like seaweed and dead creatures that can really mess up your photos you spent a lot of money on, so designate someone to clean up the beach as well! It will be well worth it in the long run and Byron did a great job at ours!
  3. Think about your guests. Is it going to be a hot day? It’s all well and good for you to get out of an air conditioned car, walk a few feet and say your vows for 20 minutes, but your guests generally arrive about half an hour to forty minutes before you do, and yes they will be socializing, but if they are in the blaring sun you might find a few incidences and accidents happening amongst your guests.

Give them something that will make the experience more relaxing and enjoying, such as cool air fans, water bottles, umbrellas for shade etc. Our original idea was to print labels with our names on water bottles to give out to the guests, so you can put your own personal spin on the items too. It doesn’t have to boring!

I hope this quick little checklist is helpful to you in getting into the headspace of planning your own beach wedding and if you need any more help in regards to risk management or getting the little bits together you can email me for some suggestions at I truly had an absolutely perfect beach reception and it was everything that I had dreamed about since I started planning it and I hope you enjoy it too.

Stay tuned for the next post: Lime and Coconut Themed Wedding – Reception. It’s going to be delicious!

xx Mrs Courtney Carr xx

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