Tips to Tackle your Wedding Morning as Stress Free as Possible!

Leading up to my own wedding I was an extremely stressed bunny. It wasn’t so much wedding related, as it was life in general being quite stressful, but when we hurriedly crammed our car with wedding items on the Wednesday beforehand and started driving to Jervis Bay, I could feel the stress of general life melting away with the road behind us. I learnt a lot leading up to the wedding, and I came up with some tips that you could definitely use in celebrating on the day of your wedding that really worked for me:

Origami Creatives Getting Ready

Photo of getting ready for my friend’s wedding. Photo by the wonderful Origami Creatives.

 1.    Get a run sheet together.

Get all the information you need in one easy to read location in regards to arrival times for everyone. And when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE.

Detail what time the wedding starts, when the guests will get there, when the hairdressers will get there, when the florists get there etc. Map out rough times for how long it will take for each bridesmaid to get their hair and make up done, as well as how long it will take to get to the ceremony and take photos etc. Over-estimate and guess the times, but research the times with your hired guns as well. Make sure that you include everything, no matter how small it is and no matter who the person is that is doing it.

Put everything together and give it to everyone of importance involved in the day, along with a contact sheet for all the suppliers as well. I gave my mother a folder of map set outs, drawings and photos for the ceremony hall, run sheets and contact lists of people like the celebrant, the photographer, the MC,  family members involved in the set up etc. It makes it easier for everyone else to see when things need to happen and gives you an idea of when to start the day.

I estimated my hair dresser would take about an hour to do everyone’s hair each, but she was a total gun and was out of there by 11.30am! It was so relaxing to know that she was on the ball and that everyone was semi ready that we could just stop and breathe. Over estimating the time was a real saviour for my sanity and it will be for you too!

Origami Creatives - FoodPhoto by Origami Creatives.

2.    Don’t forget to eat.

When I don’t eat, I tend to get angry and sour and nobody wants that in a bride! Also, if you go straight into reception mode on an empty stomach, you can run the risk of downing too much champagne and getting too drunk, and nobody wants to be a drunk bride at their own wedding!

Even if your nerves are fraying you on the day and you feel like you can’t eat anything, you still need to eat something light, as well as arrange food for everyone else as well. Go for something light and plain like a salad or a sandwich. You will feel better when you do!

Origami Creatives Champagne

Photo by Origami Creatives. 

3.    Have some ginger ale and sea salt chips on hand for a nervous tummy.

On my wedding day I had two glasses of champagne and a salad and quiche for lunch and when they all mixed together with my nerves (nerves of messing up my first dance – not of marrying my husband!) it gave me a bit of a queasy tummy. A good cure is always ginger ale and plain salty chips and it really helped me, so make sure you stock up! If your kind of cure is something else, like Alka-Seltzer or lots of water or a coffee or tea, make sure you stock up on whatever it is. Even if you don’t use it, you know it’s on hand just in case!

4.    Get an Emergency kit together.

I made one for both myself and my groom and it featured everything you may possibly need to fix an emergency or a forgotten item on the wedding day that you may not necessarily have easy access to. Some of the items I included in the emergency kit were:

  • Spare Tissues
  • Panadol for headaches after crying so much
  • Jelly Snakes to keep your blood sugar levels up
  • Barocca to kick start my groom’s Vitamin C levels
  • Small sewing kit for emergency repairs including buttons!
  • Notepad and pen for any last minute vows
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant
  • Perfume or deodorant
  • The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Spray to stay refreshed
  • Spare lipsticks
  • Gum or breath mints
  • Eyeliner and Mascara
  • Bobby Pins
  • Nail File, nail clippers and emery boards
  • Nail polish remover and spare nail polish

Hopefully you won’t have to use these items, but if any disasters strike, at least you know you have everything you need on hand! While my girls didn’t end up using it, apparently my groom used everything in his kit except the jelly snakes, so that’s definitely a win!

So that was some of the tips I learnt leading up to my own wedding, through personal experience at my own wedding and my friend’s earlier in the year, as well as through bridal magazines and event studies. I hope this list helps you on your wedding day because it really helped me and the best way to learn is through experience. Let me know if you utilized any of these methods and if it worked for you! Email me at

xx Courtney Carr xx

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