Be Back Soon!

With this ring

Hey guys!

You have all probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging for awhile, but I don’t want you to despair! I have taken some time off to go and get married to the man of my dreams, and turn my brain off for a little R&R in Hawaii.

While I have been away though, I have written some excellent posts that I am sure you will find insightful and interesting. I am currently waiting on some certain photographs to come back from our photographer in order to upload the first of my planned posts, but while she is backlogged at the moment, I am taking the time to plan and write out more posts for you and take a leaf out of The Blogcademy’s book to plan my blogging schedule.

I am also looking at updating my blog and changing the branding, so I am doing some work on that at the moment with my new husband. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m not going anywhere and will be back online with regular posts and updates super soon!

Hold out for me! I promise it is going to be worth it!

Love the new Mrs Courtney Carr

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