How To Make Your Event Sparkle!

While traversing through the many wedding websites online trying to come up with ideas for bonbonieres for my own wedding, I came across some amazing ideas that really glitzed up an event! I thought that since it was too late to somehow incorporate them in my own wedding, I would instead share it with you so your own wedding or event would be full of the magic and sparkle you deserve!

Jars of Sparkle

Photos by Chad Hansen of First Mate Photography.

The first way you can add a bit of sparkle pizzazz to your event is to add in a Confetti Bar like BRKLYN Bride did for The Cream Event in New York City. It sounds like it could be a messy idea, especially if you wanted your guests to make their own confetti mix and then throw it on the bride and groom ala rose petals once they’re married, but it would certainly add a lot of fun and a lot of sparkle to your event that your guests may never have seen before.

Confetti BarPhoto by Chad Hansen of First Mate Photography.

The idea is to get a series of long glass vases and fill them with heaps of different coloured confetti pieces and put them across a table for easy usage. You can even make a more interesting effect by putting small coloured pom pom balls in the mix, or confetti that comes in different shapes such as love hearts and stars. Add some glitter spoons and something to put your confetti in (coloured paper bags or cellophane bags would be great!) and you have a perfect confetti bar!

Don’t forget to lay out some instructions for your guests as well and as an example, BRKLYN Bride used a letter banner in black bold writing to announce the existence and uniqueness of the Confetti Bar in a contemporary style. Add an instructional guest sheet in a cute black plain frame and some additional decorational pieces like flowers in vases and you will have a guest gift table that will be talked about for years to come.

Modern Design TablePhoto by Joilala. Designed by Jesi Haack Design 

Another way to add sparkle to your event or wedding is to have a glittery dance floor and glittery backdrop like what was featured on 100 Layer Cake. Designed by Jesi Haack Design, the wedding of Palm Spring’s couple Kate and Jon Paul’s was a shiny beacon of light that incorporated hundreds of different sparkly gold decorations to have a modern yet romantic touch to the theme and the day.

Glitter Dance FloorPhoto by Joilala. Designed by Jesi Haack Design 

While the table held beautiful sparkly centerpieces such as gold sequin table cloths, small gold boxes containing flower centerpieces and gold votive candles, the dance floor reflected the shiny uniqueness of the event design by having large glittered squares laid out in a checkerboard pattern over the dance floor. It really tied the dance floor in with the rest of the decorations around the event  and gave it a unique spin that made other guests want to have a spin on it too.

Sparkle ArrowsPhoto by Joilala. Designed by Jesi Haack Design 

Using the same material as the checkerboard dance floor, Event Designer and stylist Jesi Haack created a series of shiny gold arrows to mark the way from the ceremony to the reception. It was hard to miss and was a lot more of a unique way to direct your guests than a series of chalkboard signs or balloons.

So there you have it! Some fun, shiny new ways to make your event sparkle and add a little bit of glitz and glamour to your day! If you have any queries about any of these items you can email me at and I will direct you to the designers, but I would love to know if you utilize any of these ideas for yourself and see what sort of sparkly spin you took to your own wedding or event.

Because every event deserves to be magical!

Xx Courtney xx

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