Suspended Flower Archways

Suspended Roses

I recently went to my friend Nicole’s beautiful wedding on the weekend, and it was a beautiful rustic feel with a pop of watercolour throughout. I was one of the bridesmaids, and my fiancee was a groomsmen, so we helped our friends set up their wedding over the weekend, and there was one particular decoration that I thought was just so inspired that I simply had to share it with you!

Myself, the bride and the other bridesmaids stayed up until midnight the day before the wedding making beautiful suspended roses to hang over the archway of the ceremony. It created a little burst of colour in the ceremony, and still maintained the vintage rustic feel that was present throughout the event. The girls went to the flower market in the morning and bought a series of different flowers in different colours, such as light green lilys, dusty pink roses and white carnations.

Suspended Flowers 1

The first step to making suspended roses is to cut the roses off at the tip, just under the green stub of the bud. Thread about a metre of fishing wire through a needle and tie a knot in the end. Next thread the needle through the stem stub of the flower and pull it out from the top.

Suspended Roses 2

Once you have pulled the full amount of fishing wire through the flower (make sure the needle goes through the middle of the flower), tie another knot a couple of centimetres from the flower you have just threaded and repeat the process. If the knot has stayed, then the next flower will rest on that knot and not fall down. This gives the effect of roses and flowers being suspended in mid air and if you hang it over the archway by tying it at the top of the archway, you will get an absolutely beautiful effect for your wedding or high tea event!

A huge thanks to my friend Nicole for introducing to me to this beautiful decorational element and I hope she has a wonderful honeymoon and wonderful life with her new husband! You will get some wonderful photos from the set up very soon – stay tuned!

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