DIY Events: Host a Dreamland Party for $50!

Dreamland Party

For some strange reason that I can’t really explain, I have a thing about wizards. I’m not talking about Harry Potter or Gandalf, I’m talking about classic cookie wizards you would see in cartoons in blue starry robes, matching pointy hats and long flowing white beards. I have no idea why, but this image is in such a fore front in my mind I have always wanted to dress up as one of these characters for a party. But the question is, what party will this costume work for?

After consulting with my fiancée, he told me that this image is something he would think of more for the “Sandman” – the character who helps people get to sleep at night using dream dust. This realisation had us come up with the idea to have one of the most comfortable parties in the world – a Dreamland party!

Now a Dreamland party is probably the best kind of theme for a slumber party with movie watching and random board games, the kind you had as a kid. You could put a grown up twist on it by playing adult games or drink some dreamy cocktails while your at it, but I would highly suggested that whether it’s a children’s party, or a fun adult romp, you all dress up in appropriate Dreamland costumes – think a character from your favourite dreams or if your not feeling up to it, just come in your pyjamas. Just make sure there’s a sandman amongst you in a wizard robe!

Here are some ways you can decorate and design your very own Dreamland slumber party, and all for under $50!

Movie Watching Night

Movie Watching Zone:

Dreamland is supposed to be the most comfortable place in the world, so you might as well make it so! Raid your bed and linen closet for a pile of your most comfortable doonas, sheets, pillows and blankets and set them all out in a super comfortable pile around your TV. You can even bring out a mattress for guests to lie on, if the couch isn’t as “Dreamland” as you would like it.

Set up a pile of fun DVD’s to watch (depending on the preference of yourself and your guests) and get watching! I guarantee, it will a comfortable time!

Stars in my eyes and stars on my wall

Starry Night Dessert Table:

To get started in putting together your dessert table you should start with the decoration behind the table that is going to draw your guests in. I went with blue and silver stars that were cut out from cardboard that I bought at the local art store.

I stuck these up behind the dessert table using sticky tape, but if you want the blue and silver star theme to resonate throughout the venue, you can punch a hole in one of the corner points of the stars and tie some streamers or bakers twine through the hole and stick to the ceiling. With the stars hanging down, dancing in the light they make a great dream like quality to add to the party – after all, what’s a dream without it’s night sky?

Starry Snacks

Next, you can put your dessert table pieces together. You can follow the design I mentioned from my Pink Lemonade High Tea party, or from Amy Atlas’ blog post about how you can set up your own dessert table but I bought a few extra elements then last time for this Dreamland party.

The first item I laid down was the sky blue tablecloth (blue like the sky!) and then I sprinkled silver cutout stars all over the table to follow with the blue and silver star theme. These cutouts are available from craft stores and even newsagencies, and they made a great addition to a table without going too overboard.

The food that was served on the dessert table was items that could be easily shared during a movie, such as popcorn, malteasers, lollies and drinks with lids that could easily close to avoid spillage. And cupcakes of course, because I will never create a party without cupcakes!

Glow in the dark stars

Mood Lighting:

Since your watching movies in the dark, you don’t want too harsh a light shining down on your party goers, so set up some cute mood lighting around the venue. You can use tealight candles, lamps covered in fabric (a light pillow case or even dress will do!) to create a soft glow and add to the ambiance of a Dreamland party or you can do my favourite – glow in the dark stars!

Glow in the dark stars are available from cheap stores or science stores like Australian Geographic (I got mine from the local science museum for $2.00 each!) and you can either stick them to the roof, stick them to your furniture or simply sprinkle them around the venue area to give you the appearance of sleeping amongst the stars. Super cute!

Make Your Own Sleeping Hat:

Perfect as a bombonniere or gift to give to your party goers, my fiancée has always wanted one of these old school sleeping hats, so I thought it would be a great idea to get people wearing them!

I found the method for creating your own sleeping hat online at EHow. You will need the following items to make 4 sleeping hats. If you have more guests coming, this might increase your budget, but it’s up to you. This is how I did it:

Things You’ll Need:

  •  1 metre silk cloth in chosen colours
  •  Sewing thread in appropriate colours that match the cloth
  •  Needle from your sewing kit
  •  Tassles to put at the end of the hat – make sure this is in appropriate colours to match the cloth.
  •  Measuring tape from your sewing kit.
  •  A white pen or pencil
  •  Scissors

Sew Your Own Sleeping Hat


1. Measure around the circumference of your head with measuring tape and mark this distance in white pen or pencil on the underside of your material, adding an extra two inches or so to each end. The method from the original website said to add only an inch, but I found that once I hemmed the edge of the hat, it made it too small for my fiancee’s head, so add a couple of extra inches or so just in case. This length, plus an inch of seam allowance, will be the width of one side of your cap.

2. In the middle of your chalk line, draw a second line going straight up that measures to be about 18 to 20 inches tall. This is how long your hat will be and remember, the floppier the cuter!

3. Complete the triangle shape by joining the top of the 18 to 20 inch line with the ends of the line that is the circumference of your head.

4. Following the lines you have drawn, cut out the triangle shape with scissors and fold in half, wrong-side out. Your fold line will be the 18 to 20 inch chalk line.

5. Sew along the side of the folded triangle and hem the circumference line.

6. Turn the hat inside out, and use needle and thread to secure the tassel to the tip of the finished cap.

And viola! You a ready to snuggle into bed – Scrooge style!

Movie Watching Zone: Blankets, Pillows, Sheets – Free

Starry Night Dessert Table: Cardboard – $4.50

                                    Blue Party Tablecloth -$2.00

                                    Silver Star Scatters – $2.00

Movie Food:              Malteasers – $2.50

                                    Popcorn – $1.00

Mood Lighting: Glow in the Dark Stars – $4.00

                           Lamps and Fabric – Free

Make Your Own Sleeping Hat: Party Satin Material – $14.00

Tassels – $16.00

                                     Thread – $4.00

TOTAL: $50 Exactly!!!

So there you go, some awesome ways that you can host a very radical slumber party, taking the plain old movie watching party over the edge. If you decide to do any of this yourself, I’d love to hear about it! Email me at

Until then,

“Mr. Sandman! Bum bum bum, Send me a dream! Bum bum bum, Make it the cutest that I’ve ever seen!”

xx Courtney xx

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