Balinese Wedding Customs

As my second post in my International Wedding Inspiration segment, I thought I would do a focus on Bali, Indonesia. Now Bali is special to me, and it’s not for the party hard generations that flock there for cheap alcohol and a good time. In February 2012, my boyfriend and I went to Bali for a holiday and he proposed to me under the Git Git waterfall in the Ubud area. It was such a magical moment and because of this it sparked with me a desire to tell you all about the wedding customs of Bali, especially since my wedding is fast approaching.

Bali Easy Going

Now I got information and help from our good friend Wayan, who runs a tourist business named Bali Easy Going. He has been with his beautiful wife for eleven years now and their home, which we were welcomed into, is such a beautiful reflection of their lives together. They have two gorgeous boys and are just as happy today as they were back then.

Now Wayan has informed me that their wedding experience took place in two different venues – one at home and one in a temple, which was led by a priest and lasted a week. They had three days to prepare everything and then the ceremony itself lasted one day.

If you’re thinking of actually getting married in a Balinese temple yourself, unfortunately you will not be able to unless you are marrying a Balinese national and are of the Hindu faith, but you certainly can have all the Balinese trimmings for your own wedding. You can feature your own enchanting temple décor and can utilise typical Balinese settings that include Balinese prayer flags, traditional Balinese umbrellas, flowers and bamboo ensembles. These items are apart of what is commonly known as a Balinese blessing ceremony and in doing so, your union will be blessed by a Balinese priest.

Like in Cambodia, weddings held in Bali can have numbers well into their hundreds, and Wayan has told me that his own personal wedding had more than 150 people attend. Attendance and response to the wedding invitation is a huge part of the Balinese wedding, as it shows you respect the people involved and that you honour the family and the relationship of the newlyweds.

Wayan's Wedding Day

A Balinese costume called Payasan Agung is generally worn by the bride and groom and if you have ever seen a traditional Balinese performance you will get the idea of a similar style of dress. It is beautifully ornate, with intricate and traditional patterns woven into a lovely silk style dress. With bright coloured material and shiny gold pieces, this Payasan Agung style is sure to impress on any wedding day and is a great addition to your own Balinese style wedding.

If you need some ideas on how to go about putting a Balinese style wedding together, or if you are thinking of having your own wedding in Bali itself, you should definitely have a look at the Bali Wedding Blog and Bali Weddings International.  It will certainly help you piece together your own event.

Love heart

I can definitely say that a Bali wedding becomes a harmonious relationship and marriage. Wayan expressed his happiness by saying that “It was our greatest day. We are all very happy and now we have 2 awesome boys from that marriage.”

I can also strongly recommend that if you want a driver or an excellent tour guide for your trip to Bali, get in contact with Wayan at Bali Easy Going. You will have a fabulous time!

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