DIY Events: Decorate a Pink Lemonade High Tea for Under $50!

Dessert Table

When I was working at an online party store, I had someone call up and tell me they planned on hosting a “Pink Lemonade themed High Tea” for their sister’s baby shower, and that she was putting together a pink and yellow and white decorations for the event. Now I was very taken with this idea and thought it was very elegant, pleasant and above all a very different way to celebrate the birth of a baby girl.

As part of my new DIY Celebrations segment, I thought I would introduce to you some cost effective ways you can decorate and have an absolutely fabulously themed party on a small budget.

Going back to this Pink Lemonade party theme is a way of going back to my roots because lets face it, I’m not a millionaire, I can’t throw a full scale lifelike Great Gatsby party because I don’t have the money, and neither does the average person. But that doesn’t mean we can’t host a great party with great decorations!

Here are some cost effective ways to throw your own Pink Lemonade High Tea, which would be a great theme for baby showers, birthday parties, kitchen teas and bridal showers:

Vase of Flowers

Jam Jar Flowers:

So this decoration is probably the most easiest and cost-effective of decorations. Scourer through your glassware cupboard and pull out all the old jam jars, nanna vases, jugs and various glassware available to you.  Give them a clean and a polish to make them all nice and shiny and then fill them about a quarter of the way with water.

Next, go outside to your garden (or neighbor’s garden, or nearest meadow) and pick some bouquets of flowers. With the Pink Lemonade theme, focus on flowers that will likely match – think about colour (pink and yellow and white flowers will be lovely!) and think about flower type as well (sunflowers will give a really nice happy energy to the event, while lilies will give a beautiful elegant touch).

Don’t forget to get appropriate flowers to the vases and jars that you have picked out – don’t put a short bouquet in a long vase because it just won’t look good! If worse comes to worse, get longer stemmed flowers and cut them down to size!

Once you have arranged your flowers in your vases (and note I said “arranged” because you need to make sure they are sitting neatly) you can then pop them on the tables around your event. They make elegant additions to dessert tables, centerpieces and side tables and will turn any event into a beautiful one.

Note: If you want to spice up the jars a bit, cut up some lemons and add them to the water at the bottom of the glass. It’s super cute!

Pink Lemonade Lanterns

Paper Ball Wall Sconces:

This decoration idea is what started the whole Pink Lemonade theme! If you think about what lemonade is, it’s a sweet drink that is full of delicious effervescent bubbles, and what looks more like bubbles floating to the top of a drink than a series of beautifully crafted paper ball sconces and honeycomb decorations suspended from the ceiling?

Now you can cheat and buy your own lanterns from a party store, or you can get your craft hands on and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost! I found this crafty idea from a blog called Enjoy It and though it was quite straight forward to make, I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t run into difficulty keeping the round shape together but sticking them together seemed to work quite well and I ended up with a beautiful pear shaped decoration.

I followed a method that uses the bare essentials, just to keep it cost effective for you. I used 4 pieces of cardboard (one for each lantern), sticky tape, a hole puncher, twine, a ruler, some scissors and when I couldn’t hold it together, staples seemed to do the trick.

First off, lie out the cardboard and use the ruler to draw a straight line from top to bottom of the cardboard. Use scissors to cut along the lines, creating 4cm strips of cardboard. Next, put the strips together in a bunch and use a hole puncher to punch holes in both the bottom and the top of the strips.

Next, thread the top half of the twine into one side of the holes and use sticky tape to hold it there. Thread the twine into the other holes on the side and then fan the strips out into a round pear like shape. Use staples and sticky tape to hold it in place and then hang the lanterns from the roof with the leftover twine.

Lemonade Sign

Lemonade Sign:

If I think about lemonade I conjure up images of the lemonade stand on the side of the road with a cute little curly haired blonde child selling bottles next to backward letters. It’s not a pink lemonade party without this little image, so I brought it about by painting the lemonade stand sign on an art canvas (I used paint that was called “Back to the Fuchsia” and “Yellow Brick Road” – talk about awesome!) and making it look as cute and young as possible.

Once it dried, I centred the sign on a side table next to jam jars that contained flowers so there was no mistaking what kind of party this is! It looked so cute, and made a great decoration!

Putting the Dessert Table Together

Putting The Dessert Table Together:

Now, when setting up your Pink Lemonade dessert table, you first need to put a tablecloth down that is a neutral accent base colour (pink and yellow would be the eye popping primary colours, but you need a plainer, secondary colour to tie them together). I used a white tablecloth as the base.

If you don’t have one, you can use a colour of tablecloth that you do have and match the colour scheme around it or you can use a sheet that is clean and you aren’t likely to sleep on again. If all of these fail, you can buy one from your local cheap store or supermarket for less than $5.00.

Remember that when your putting your dessert table elements together, everything should have a similar feel. As a high tea style design, the glassware and elegant elements are what helps tie everything together. For an afternoon soiree, the jam jar flower vases make great additions to either end of the table, and using a variety of glassware to host the different desserts will all work beautifully together. Use a glass cupcake stand to host the cupcakes, glass jars to hold the candy and delicate glass plates that your granny gave to you to sit the biscuits. If you raid your glassware cupboard again, you are sure to find something that goes with the decorations you have chosen.

On a dessert table, Amy Atlas suggested in her blog that you should have “a variety of 6 – 8 desserts on the dessert table, as well as a few varieties of candy. Cake, brownies, bars, mini pies and truffles are always favourites.” There are quite a few Pink Lemonade recipes you can follow, like pink lemonade cupcakes and even the pink lemonade pie I once wrote about, so you certainly have enough to go on for your party. In my photo for the dessert table I only ended up using two snacks because I was on a bit of a time crunch, but for your own party you should definitely go with the 6 – 8 dessert rule as Amy Atlas suggested.

Next, create a focal point (it could be a birthday cake or a tower of cupcakes) and arrange the different desserts in a few levels of height, using taller vases with longer stemmed candies, plates of squat biscuits sitting at the front or even just the vases of flowers you have collected to add to height. Don’t forget to make sure that taller items are positioned more towards the back so that getting to each dessert is easier.

Pink Lemonade Wall Sconces

Next, decorate the table! For the Pink Lemonade theme we hung the paper ball sconces that we made above the table, adding to the focus of the dessert table. I didn’t want to go too overboard and crowd the dessert table, so I left the paper ball sconces hanging above the table as the only draw card around it. You can use them as lanterns as well decorating the rest of the house, such as marking the way to the bathroom and other important parts of the house.

Once everything is up, you can have your guests come over to feast and dine. Don’t forget to set a high tea dress code (think a day at the races – pretty dresses, high heels, snappy suits) and serve some delicious champagne and pink lemonade cocktails. Your scene is now set and is raring to go for your high tea event, and all for under $50. Here’s the break down for you:


Jam Jars and Flowers: Free

Paper Ball Wall Sconce: Cardboard – $7.56

                                 Twine – $9.99

                                  Sticky Tape, Hole Dispenser and Staples – Free

Lemonade Sign: Canvas – $5.99

                                 Paint – $7.98

Tablecloth: $2.50


Let me know if you go about using any of these DIY tips for your own party, and if you take my original advice and host a pink lemonade high tea. You can email me at I would love to hear what you do with it, and I hope you like my new Do It Yourself segment – there is going to be plenty more in the new year!


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