I Was Working In The Lab Late One Night…

You all know the song; monsters having a mash and what not. Well why not base your Halloween themed event around the old school classic song Monster Mash? Design your party like a freaky laboratory like Frankenstein’s lair and you will have a spooktastic haunted house for guests to explore!

I once had this idea to create a monster themed hotel, in which each floor was based on a different style of vintage horror movies. I love what Hostess with the Mostess featured in transforming a regular Halloween fright night into an evil lair fit to scream “It’s alive! It’s alive!” and it captures the essence of my hotel idea really well. Here are some ways to get inspired to feature your own Halloween laboratory.


Photo from Three Little Monkeys Studio

First off, create an image of a evil laboratory. You can use normal furniture (like vintage style furniture you would find in a musty old basement) but make sure you bring in some steel metal framed “operating” tables to give it to the cold sterile lab feel. You can buy these work benches from handy stores like Bunnings or Magnet Mart or Mitre 10. They make for great food tables and add a bit of a mad feeling to them as well.

Use tin ice buckets as holders for your drinks and other colder items, and add fake metal look chains above the work benches you got. It adds that Frankenstein feel to it and you can just imagine him being trussed up on it as the Doctor was working on his monster.

Create a cement wall backdrop out of dark butchers paper and draw rough cut stones to the background. Hang it above the furniture to add to the basement effect.

halloween-dessert-table1 HTWM

Photo from Three Little Monkeys Studio

Added extra’s, like an old fashioned radio, black wires and cables (not attached to any electricity plugs of course – safety first!) and High Voltage signs create the laboratory effect. I loved the idea of putting jam jars of fake organs on the shelves as well, because if you too were creating a monster out of disused body parts, you would probably have  a few lying around.


Photo from Three Little Monkeys Studio

Now all of these spookier elements could frighten the smaller ones amongst up, so warm things up by adding a bit of colour and sparkle to the party. These amazing glitter paper green, black, white and grey rosettes that are hung on the steel workbench create a slice of the celebration in the atmosphere, and keep the party from looking too much like a mad scientist’s basement.


Photo from Three Little Monkeys Studio

You can add a few more funnier elements to tie in the fact that this is a party and not an actual lair, like cream flowers or material flower patterns and matching skulls, fake spider webs and comical style fake bones and graves on the outside. Add some fun electrical palettes to create the lightning storm that brought Frankenstein’s monster to life. Ingenious!

If you host your own laboratory party, or vintage Frankenstein themed party this Halloween, let me know by emailing me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com. Also, if you know of any themed hotels like my idea that I mentioned before, let me know as well! I would love to check it out!

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