Have a Fifty Shades of Grey Bachelorette Party!

If your any kind of modern woman, than you would have read EL James’ erotica romance series Fifty Shades of Grey; a story about a naive and innocent girl named Anastasia, who is caught in the crosshairs of eccentric billionaire Christian Grey. He then promptly whisks her away and introduces her to a world of riches and BDSM, where he loves to use things like whips, paddles and ties to create a master-slave sexual relationship.

Now, Target has recently launched a new lingerie range based on the Fifty Shades of Grey books and it had me thinking – all the suggestive erotism and sexy fun is what bachelorette parties are all about. Gone are the days where you dress up in tacky bridesmaid sashes and wedding tiaras and flirt with every guy in sight – it’s all about being introduced to your sexier side to spice things up on your honeymoon. So why not spice things all the way up and host your own Fifty Shades of Grey bachelorette party? Here are some fun ways you can do just that:


Photo by Bite Me More

Just like the book covers, you need to set the decorations to the theme and tone of Fifty Shades of Grey. Use grey as the first and foremost colour and mix in some black, silver, and to spice it up and create a splash, red. Get a silvery grey table cover and decorate the table with black pieces, such as black BDSM style masks that you can use as place settings like they did here.  Use romantic red roses in glass vases as centrepieces to show that Fifty Shades ended up being more than just soft porn – it was a romance as well.


Photo by Melissa Pena

Give each of your guests a little gift that they can take home themselves and the most obvious would be the actual EL James book. You can purchase them super cheap nowadays from Kmart so there really isn’t a huge price tag to lavishing your guests with this. This and the mask will keep your guests having a ball.

As they also did here, a great suggestion is to use fake diamonds and table scatters as decorations. He was a millionaire after all. Don’t forget to drape silver ties around the table as well as it was a signature tool he used in Ana’s favourite BDSM experience.

Glitter Glassware

Photo by Inspire Design and Create. 

I love this idea as well of serving beautiful red wines in wine glasses that have been dipped in silver and grey glitter. You can learn how to make this yourself by visiting the website Inspire Design and Create. 


Photo from Kara’s Party Ideas

In serving food you should definitely keep to the Grey theme. There are many favourite quotes, such as “What is it with elevators?” that you can transform into food ideas. Kara’s Party Ideas make silver dipped macaroons with floor numbers on them, which is a totally relevant and cute idea! You can also serve a variety of different foods such as silver dipped cupcakes, silver layer cakes, red candy Twizzlers for whips, dark chocolate and strawberries. Romance foods are definitely in!

With This Collar

While your at it as well, be naughty and invite someone in the field over. I’m not meaning a stripper, but nowadays you can hire people to come over and explain different tools of the trade to your guests. You can usually find these at lingerie or “toy” stores like Honey Birdette or Hello Sexy, but they would certainly make for an interesting bachelorette party and would include the mandatory penis and sex themed items that seem to make their rounds as well.

Let me know if you had your own Fifty Shades of Grey party and how you went about doing it (I don’t think I really need to see photos for this one! lol). Email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com. Until then,

Love and Lingerie!

xx Courtney xx

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