African Party

African Tribal themes are huge right now, and not even in just party atmospheres. I went to an African themed circus just last week, where fantastically nimble Africans performed amazing tribal based stunts. It was just wonderful! Parties and celebrations are supposed to transport you to a whole different land and the decorations are what is supposed to take you there. They enhance the venue that you step into and transport you to that different world. Here are some fantastic ways that you can be transported to an African plain!

Out of Africa

Photo by Knight Light Events

Whenever I start styling an event, I always think of ways to add backdrops and other elements to introduce you to that special world.  Knight Light Events in the UK did this so successfully with their Out of Africa Themed backdrop. The gala dinner had a huge painted backdrop of the Serengeti that took up the majority of the wall. Dimmed lighting and twinkling fairy lights on the roof gave the whole event the feeling of sleeping in a tent in the middle of the African plains. Magical!


Photo by Krissie Streatfield

Don’t forget to incorporate all the elements that was mentioned in Trending: Aztec Events for your table. Do what they did here at Houzz and set the table with a dark chocolate tablecloth and add an Animal print or Aztec print table runner to bring all the African pieces together on the table. Add ceramic elephant or hippo place holders (available from stores like Oxfam) as gifts for the guests to take home and always remember their night in Africa.

I love the feathers in this table set up as well. Adding a few bright orange bird feathers to the glasses are a simple yet very effective way of bringing a little bit of Africa to your glassware as well. What’s Africa without the wild life?

African Safari Tent

Photo from Phyllis Eig Associates,

And where there are animals and birds, there are trees so don’t forget to add a series of palm trees and pot plants to your event – whether it be at the cloth draped African Safari Tent entrance like here at Phyllis Eig Associates, or as a centrepiece for your tables or cocktail rounds.

Something cute as well to add to your event is to get some wildlife here. You can get some on hire from your local zoo or contact your local Yowie man, who educates children at schools on reptiles such as snakes and lizards. Get them to walk the animals around, interacting with the guests. It will sure to be an event they will always remember because they got to hold a chimpanzee! Super cute!


Photo from Live the Magic of Africa

Next comes the food! You can serve a variety of different African cuisines, such as Moroccan style chicken, Braai lamb chops and steaks, Saffron rice and Curried Almond Sweet Potato Soup. You can find such recipes from Live the Magic of Africa and even  Go as authentic as possible and decorate the food table with cute little “oil burner” lamps that you would be likely to find at an African Safari tent. Super cute!


Photo by Australian Cancer Research Foundation

And last but not least, the dress code! If your having a fancy dinner party than you may not want guests to get dressed up, but I always find it is much more fun when they do, like they did at the ACRF, where they were raising money to walk up Mt. Kilimanjaro for Cancer. Such a great idea! You can do your own fundraising too for helping out children or women’s groups in Africa such as Aid for Africa, Ripple Africa and Hope Mission Ministries. Such a beautiful reason for getting on board and hosting your own African themed party!

If any of you do get out there and host an African themed party to raise money for charities, let me know! I would love to mention it in my blog! Email me at

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