Peter Rabbit Baby Shower


If there is one thing that I absolutely adore, it’s Peter Rabbit. Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s tale tells the story of a naughty bunny in a blue jacket that gets up to mischief trying to steal carrots from a mean old farmer’s garden. It’s a sweet story, with beautiful illustrations and I just go nuts for anything Peter Rabbit themed.

The beautiful thing is that Paper Eskimo have created a full Peter Rabbit range that would go excellently for any Peter Rabbit themed baby shower (for a boy of course – he is wearing a blue jacket after all!) or children’s birthday party.


Photo from Amy’s Party Ideas

You can get the range from their website and it includes adorable things such as carousel centrepieces, invitations and thank you cards, cupcake holders (I actually bought one of these packs for myself – it’s a Peter Rabbit holding a little wheelbarrow that you put cupcakes in! So Freaking Adorable!), cupcake picks, plates and cups. I would suggest getting any number of these things for your own party to use as an excellent jumping off point for any Peter Rabbit themed ‘do!


Photo from Celebrate Every Day With Me

Once you have your Paper Eskimo accessories together, you can start decorating all the other elements. My first suggestion is to host this as a garden tea party, because the garden setting will fit right in to the Peter Rabbit theme. Play up on the rustic charm by using cute farm style items such as wooden crates, baskets full of carrots and old school books (Beatrix Potter books would be ideal!) to decorate the garden, like they did above.


Photo by Milk and Cookies Party Designer

Don’t forget to use blue aspects to tie everything together. Use a white tablecloth but add a pale blue table runner; add blue, white and green pom poms and bunting and mix it with blue table covers. I love the ideas here where they added green hedge bunny sculptures to the tables. Super cute!


Photo from Disney Family

When it comes to food, keep it fresh and delicious. You can go two ways – one is to be healthy and provide your guests with a series of different fruits and vegetables that would be served straight from the garden that Peter Rabbit is digging around in. Think blueberries and strawberries, salted beans, carrots in hummus dips served in tiny pots. Adorable!

The other way you could go is the more festive food approach. Make cupcakes with iced carrots and lettuce leaves coming out of them, Peter Rabbit shaped cookies, lettuce truffles, orange “carrot” candies such as M&Ms and blue rock candy. I would suggest a healthy mix between the two of these food approaches, just to give it a bit of an authentic feel to your garden party, but not send all your guests home with a belly ache.

Flopsy and Mopsey

Photo from Wensen Photos

And if you truly love me (or I guess the party guests) you can add some pet rabbits to the mix as well. It gives everyone something to do and awww over while they are waiting for food to be served. Also, I just freaking love bunnies!

So I hope this comes in handy for you next time you wish to host a baby shower or small children’s birthday party. It’s definetly on my list for a nursery room for my future son!

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