Ride The Pastel Carousel


Photo from Renee Nicole Design + Photography for Fanciful Events 

A baby shower is an amazing time and there are some amazing themes you can set up for your very own baby shower. One of these great themes is to go with a cute little carousel theme to bring about the celebratory mood. If you are unsure as to what the sex is going to be, you can focus on the kind of pastel colours that baby showers emanate, such as limoncello, mint green, yellow etc.

I love these great photos where they got a cute pastel wall decals of a carousel horse to stick up above the wall of the dessert table – instant decoration that goes really well with your theme!


Photo by Slhanna

You can also use a variety of other pastel coloured decorations to set the mood, such as ribbon and draping, table runners, balloons and plates and napkins. Bring in the carousel theme by creating cute carousel horse bunting in pastel colours to hang at the front of the dessert tables.


Photo by Slhanna

You can use other elements to bring in the carousel element. Get cute cardboard cutouts of the carousel horses to stick in the cupcakes. Use gold glittered cardboard and cute cupcake skirts in pastel colours to tie everything together.


Photo from Renee Nicole Design + Photography for Fanciful Events 

Now besides cupcakes, you simply have to serve a variety of extremely cute foods to your guests! Pastel coloured iced cookies in carriage, carousel horse and button shapes make for an amazingly cute and delicious snack for your baby shower. You can also serve cake pops in carousel colours with gold wrapping as well if you want some other cute themes too.


Photo from Renee Nicole Design + Photography for Fanciful Events 

And don’t forget the drinks! Buttons are a universally cute baby shower decoration, and you can incorporate the button element into the drinks. Get some cute vintage style milk bottles and get a clay lid. Make a ridge around the button’s surface and put a hole in the top for the straw to come out of and to act as the button hole. Cute!


Photo from Renee Nicole Design + Photography for Fanciful Events 

You can also get some ruffled tissue paper and make cute little garters to adorn the bottle. They make a great little decoration and adds just a touch more to the food and drinks. You can also do the same as cupcake skirts as well. Super cute, and fairly easy too.

So here are some cute ways to make your very own pastel carousel celebration. Let me know if you do the same, and don’t forget to send me photos too! Send them to thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

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