Create Party Magic!

I’m a big fan of magic parties – classic style moustached magician in a top hat, waving a magic wand and pulling white rabbits out of their hat is the style I think is suitable for a trip to Wonderland. It’s pure magic, and it makes for a great theme for a birthday party for your young ones. Here is a cute idea I found online on how to make your magic themed birthday party white rabbit ready thanks to Three Little Monkeys Studio.


Photo by Three Little Monkeys Studio

This cute dessert table features elements of the classic magician that is sure to have you reaching into your own bag of tricks to recreate! Going along with a purple, black and white theme will help create the classic look, but adding shades of pink or gold will really pool all the colours together and make the theme pop!

Using vintage style, magician decorated cards and cupcake toppers are a great way to keep the magician theme involved in all the dessert table decorations. Decorate with cardboard cutouts or props in the shape of rabbits to be used in your magic tricks and add a magic wand element as a straw decoration. Yum!


Photo by Three Little Monkeys Studio

Paper Eskimo makes really cute black and white striped plates, napkins and popcorn boxes that would be a great addition for guests to use at the party that will stick to the theme.

A delicious food idea is to make your own cookie wands or star shaped cake pops. Put the stick through small holes in a top hat and use the top hat as a stand. Lovely!


Photo by Three Little Monkeys Studio

Use white rabbit ears as the main decorational piece in your dessert table. Frame your vintage style stands in black baroque frames and make little white ears out of cardboard. You can get small versians to act as popcorn cups or salted nut holders and put the white ears peeking out of them, like a rabbit peeking out of a top hat. Adorable!


Photo by Three Little Monkeys Studio

Check out these amazing iced cookies! Using sign, rabbit, wand and top hat shaped cookie cutters, decorate using different coloured icing, and add the magical element of using edible glitter to parts of the cookies. I wish I knew how to make cookies like this! So cute! Remember, you can get heaps of printables from the Three Little Monkeys Studio Etsy page as well, so check them out!

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    • Hi Julie!

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am now a subscriber to your own site and it’s amazing! Very motivational – exactly what I need sometimes! I love your tagline “Don’t be afraid to dream big!” – so true!

      Thanks for spreading your message – your blog is fantastic!



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