In The Hedge Maze – An Alice in Wonderland Themed Party

I’ve blogged about many different styled Alice in Wonderland parties, but that’s because I think that the world of Alice in Wonderland is by far the best world that you could find yourself in. Not only does it have white rabbits, red hot mad queens and hookhah smoking caterpillers, it can also be taken in a dark spin, or be full of childlike wonder and whimsy. No matter how you read (or watch) Alice in Wonderland, something in her world will speak to you, and because of that, it makes for some certainly interesting styled parties and ideas.

“How do you take your Alice in Wonderland?” is a question that can come up with many different answers and because of that, it comes up with many different styles of parties. Here is another way you can incorporate the world of Wonderland in your own celebration, as taken from the Hostess with the Mostess. It uses the idea of a hedge maze and the forrest world of Alice in Wonderland and mixes it with the idea of a Mad Hatters Tea Party in a whimsical way.


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography for Kio Kreations

First up, establish the areas. A great idea is to go with a garden party theme in the main seating area that all of your guests will be mainly in, that way the serves of teapots and random collections used in your decorations can have the feel of attending a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I loved the idea of using a hookhah as a main focal point and centrepiece on the coffee table. Normally taboo, hookhahs make excellent decoration pieces and will fit nicely in with the story of the blue caterpillar.


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography for Kio Kreations

Use crystal vases as adornments, as well as delicate flowers, tissue paper pom poms and coloured parasols to add to the enchantment and whimsy of the room. It makes it feel like it is a legit garden party, but also like it is a mix of a different world.


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography for Kio Kreations

To help create the feel of playing in a hedge maze, use a mass of shrubs and greenery to give the authentic feel. To add a bit of an Alice spin on it, put in some fun characters such as white rabbits and pink garden flamingos, coloured hedgehogs and croquet mallets. Surprises amongst the shrubbery is one of the things Alice is sure to find here in Wonderland and your party should be no different.


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography for Kio Kreations

Set up your food tables as if your adorning a the party thrown by the March Hare himself. Use a variety of teapots and crockery, vases and flowers, candles and candle holders to create the kind of madness a tea party in Wonderland should be like. Hang Alice in Wonderland style bunting around your home, such as converting an old deck of playing cards into DIY decorations. Amazing!


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography for Kio Kreations

Serve delicious Alice in Wonderland styled foods such as cookies that say “Eat Me” on them and drinks with “Drink Me” written on the glass. I loved this recipe for Queen’s Roses, a special adult cocktail that I just had to share with you! Yummy!


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography for Kio Kreations

Last but not least is my absolute favourite; the hallway. Designed to welcome guests in like the part in the novel where Alice is falling down the rabbit hole, it has been decorated with picture frames of classic Alice inspired pictures strung at weird angles. Mirrors help add to the effect when you draw on them with washable markers to add a fun feel to the night. Love it! Such a fantastic welcome to an Alice themed party!

If you host your own Alice in Wonderland themed party, I would love to see it! Email the photos at

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