Hosting A Burlesque Party

Morphine Cupcakes by Allyeska

Photo by Allyeska Photography

Burlesque is a huge part of my life right now and I currently attend classes and perform under Miss Kitka’s House of Burlesque here in Australia. I go by the name Morphine Cupcakes, who is “just a little bit of pain for a whole lot of pleasure” and I’m looking to break into the performing world sometime soon. In the meantime, I have my other loves; that of blogging and parties!

I am super excited to get to attend Gala Darling’s Blogcadamy in Melbourne later in the year, and being a student means I get access to some really amazing blogs out there in the internet world. One of them that I have discovered through Miss Gala Darling, is Veronica Varlow. Veronica Varlow is actually a burlesque artist and blogger who created her own blog, Danger Dame, which throws together her life, loves and experiences.

Now Veronica Varlow created an amazing blog entry on how to host your own burlesque themed party, which literally brings together everything I love in the world! You may notice that I have already featured a burlesque styled event, but Veronica goes a bit further beyond and checks out the things like atmosphere, music and style. Here are some of the awesome things she said to focus on which will help create a burlesque style for a party!


Photo by Danger Dame

The first thing Veronica says you should focus on is music. To get you in the mood, play some smooth and sultry jazz music from the era in which burlesque dancing was king (or should I say queen!) Something with a sweet beat you can dance to, and something that when you close your eyes makes you imagine a smokey, red light bar with jazz bands and sexy dancers. My favourite old school musician is Glenn Miller, who did the famous tune “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, but if you Spotify jazz music, I am sure you will find some sweet tunes of your own!


The second item Veronica Varlow says you need is the decorations. Turn up the va va voom by decorating your space like a backstage area, such as globe fairy lines around mirrors, red drapes and fabric across existing light fixtures for a dimly litted glow, and put mylar curtains around for a little bit of extra glitz and glamour.


The next item comes delicious treats to feed your friends – the sexier the better! Think chocolate covered strawberries and cherries, cupcakes with lickable frosting, lollipops and other sweet treats. Use whipped cream, sugar and other sexy and delicious treats to tantalise your tastebuds…and your friends!

Next, Veronica Varlow suggests getting a sweet sultry scent in the air to make the atmosphere turn spicy and naughty. Get a sexy candle from Dusk or spritz some perfume around the house fabrics. Things like vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint or chocolate are great scents to tease your guests with. My favourite is Victoria Secret’s Blackberry and Vanilla Body Mist. It’s so sweet, but so adult and exactly what Morphine Cupcakes would wear!


Last, but not least, Veronica suggested that each guest brings something that they can strip out of, just to add that last burlesque element to the party. It could be a glove, a corset, a bra, a dress, a jacket, anything! Get everyone to perform their very own sexy burlesque dance (but you might want to have some champagne for the more shy guests!) and just remember to have fun with it and make it your own! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that is what makes burlesque dancing so fun and adventurous – it’s about discovering that you can feel beautiful by simply being yourself!

Love always!

xx Morphine Cupcakes xx

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