Pantone Dessert Table

Pantone Dessert Table

Photo by Sweet Style Blog

This dessert table is sure to appeal to my graphic designer fiancee. Found at Oh It’s Perfect, this dessert table focuses on a Pantone colour co-ordination chart that looks a lot like the colour cards you would find in the paint section of your local hardware store. For those of you who don’t know, Pantone is an American corporation who is best known for their Pantone Matching System, which is a colour spectrum used in a variety of construction and artistic industries. It co-ordinates all different shades and tone of a colour and looks neat and organised when put together.

This great Pantone themed dessert table uses the actual Pantone chart as the wall decor for the background and you can make your own by taking cards and notes of the colour from your local hardware store and mounting it on a piece of blank white cardboard.  Simple and very effective – just make sure that all the colour boxes and lined up equally or your Pantone will be off!

Next, use pastel coloured items to co-ordinate together, and ice all your desserts in the same colours. Think rose pink shaded cupcakes, light pink iced cookies, pink lemonade in clear containers and red wrapped chocolate bars. Make sure they all match with your colour scheme!

For the rest of the party, you can do some fun and artistic things to bring about the Pantone theme – paint canvases and decorate cakes – and give out paintbrushes and smocks as a gift for the guests to take home. How fun!

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