A Honey and Oat Themed Spa Party!


I have recently changed jobs and now work as Assistant Manager to the Body Shop here in Australia and I have absolutely fallen in love with their Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask, which acts as a cleanser, polisher and moisturizer all in one. It contains Community Fair Trade organic honey from Ethiopia and oatmeal grains, and the smell alone is so amazing that it’s practically orgasmic! (That might just be to me though!)

I use this product at least once a week as a deep cleansing exfoliator to get rid of all my dead skin cells on my face, but the feeling (and the smell) of being wrapped up in this scrub mask is so luxuriating that it gave me a great idea – you could throw a Honey and Oat themed spa party and use this product, as well as other varieties of beauty products that use honey and oats as main ingredients. What a brilliant idea! It would be perfect for a birthday party of any age or even a kitchen tea if you want to put a spin on the classic idea!

I then started thinking that since Honey and Oatmeal are very breakfasty foods, you could turn it into a morning event –  maybe as like a last hurrah for a bride on her wedding day before she starts slipping into her dress and her make up? I’m so in love with this idea, and this product, that it is something I think I am likely to do!

Here are some great ways I found you can host your own Honey and Oat themed Spa Party!


First off, get your scrub on! Get all your girls together and starting painting your toenails, putting masks on and putting cucumbers over your eyes! If you don’t want to use store bought Honey and Oat products like the one I have from The Body Shop, you can make your own products using household ingredients. It might sound silly, but these homemade products do wonders for your skin!

You can find heaps of DIY beauty scrubs from heaps of websites online, but some good recipes I found were from both Good To Know and Garden of Beauty.

Drink Spin

While your guests are busy pampering, it’s good to have a yummy selection of food available for them to enjoy the delights as well. I went with more of a breakfast feel to the food, as opposed to stacks of sweets and cakes, but you can put a bit of a spin on each of the delicious delights so it’s not full breakfast mode. Serve general tea and coffee, but for a little bit of an added extra, you can serve apple cider, eggnog, peppermint mocha lattes, pumpkin spice lattes and even a gingerbread latte!

You can get recipes for each of these drink selections from Chick Advisor.


Another thing you can do is serve the basic breakfast staples as well, such as oats and porridge mixed with milk and honey, but you can put a positive spin on the breakfast foods and serve fun items such as warmed Honey Oatmeal Bread, or serve normal bread with cinnamon honey butter. Delicious! You can find both of these recipes from the website Fly Through Our Window if you want this kind of DIY fun! Another idea I had as well was to serve breakfast cupcakes in the form of vanilla, oat and honey muffins! Serve everything with wooden spoons and honey dippers if you have them!

Homemade Soap

And finally, once you are all squeaky clean and full on deliciousness, give your gifts an added extra to help them remember the day! You can send them home with jars of honey or a honey sugar scrub you pre-made, or perhaps some homemade honey soaps. don’t forget to attach a rustic card to it using bakers twine with a recipe on how your guests can make their very own honey and oat scrub at home! They will thank you for that one!

I hope you love these ideas for a Honey and Oat Themed Spa Party. I am pretty proud of them! Now, I think it’s time I go do a Honey and Oat Scrub for myself – all this talking about it has made me crave it!

Love and Oats!

xx Courtney xx

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