Hot Air Balloon Decorations

Come Fly With Me

Photo from The Pixels Studios for  Sweets Indeed

You know what I am absolutely loving right now? Hot Air Balloons! They make an amazing addition to a whole range of themed parties, such as carnival themed parties, steampunk themed parties, alternative theme parties, old school Around The World in 80 Days themed parties, Wizard of Oz themed parties, an Up themed party etc. There are many different items you can use as a hot air balloon decoration but I have fallen in love with these ones:

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Now, if you want an authentic looking hot air balloon mobile that doesn’t require really any putting together for yourself, you can pick up some model hot air balloons on ebay. They do range in price, but are made from paper mache and would make a great decoration for your turn of the 20th century party!

If the expensive mobile is a bit too much for your own themed party, you can go for a cheaper and more homemade mobile instead. You can buy the balloon nets on ebay for roughly $2.95 each, and all you would need to do is blow up a helium balloon and string the net over it. Add whatever you would like in your basket and you have an instant hot air balloon!

Stay tuned because I will be providing you with some more fantastical information on how you can have your very own Hot Air Balloon themed party!

Up, Up and Away!

xx Courtney xx

2 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Decorations

  1. I love hot hair balloons. I saw some flying over my window a few weeks ago and I was as excited as a little kid. The ‘fly away with me’ dessert display is beyond cute. Thanks for sharing x


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