Get Your Gatsby On! – A Roaring 20’s Dessert Table

“I’ve seen the world, done it all, had my cake now. Diamonds, brilliance and Bel Air now.” These are lyrics from the new Lana Del Ray song “Young and Beautiful”, a truly beautiful melody coming from the Great Gatsby soundtrack that speaks of the decadence and love that is a center theme for the movie. This was also what I personally loved about this movie – the glittering parties and the delicious delights of love and cake!

Amy Atlas has chronicled some great ideas for a Roaring 20’s style dessert table that I thought would be right up Mr. Gatsby’s ally, and yours too if you plan on having your own Great Gatsby themed 20’s party!


Photo by Derek McClure Photography for Darling Details

This first table comes from Amy Atlas’ blog and focuses more on the lace, the frills and the fine crystal aspect that puts the “great” into Great Gatsby. Picking a mutual tone works well if the party has males in attendance (Leonardo DiCaprio himself, maybe?) so black and white is a great colour combination to go with, but you can add that little touch of whimsy and fancy by adding in the more delicate aspects, such as lace, cream coloured accents and detailed edges.


Photo by Derek McClure Photography for Darling Details

Macaroons, cupcakes with lace patterns, chocolate tarts and white and black cake pops are items of food that are both delicious and can be decorated in fancy ways, so don’t forget to go all out! Use elegant ceramic cake stands to display your items and add the frills and flowers to bring a bit of Daisy Buchanan into your party! After all, where would the Great Jay Gatsby be without the delicate touches of his flighty love?


Photo by Living Light Photography for Wild Rose Sweets & Styling

Another way you can steer your dessert table to is to go with a glittering gold aura of the upperclass. Use shades of gold and yellow to enhance the wealth aspect and introduce some olive green and white to mix up the decadence a bit. Use gold “coin” style tablecloths, shiny satin gold stands and incorporate large crystal lined vases full of beautiful flowers to welcome your guests into your Gastby themed home!

If your feeling adventurous, drape strands of beads (pearl and crystal) over the stands and garnish your desserts with white flowers of feathers for a pure lush feel!



Photos by Living Light Photography for Wild Rose Sweets & Styling

For this roaring 20’s style party, serve decadent desserts that will make Marie Antionette feel jealous. Serve a large four tiered damask patterned gold cake with flowers on top, white and yellow delicate cupcakes in gold fringed damask wrappers, lemon squares, coconut tarts, macaroons and powdered iced biscuits. Yum! A party like this is sure to have every guest feeling like they are royalty for one night!

These are two great ways you can decorate your Gatsby themed party. They might be very over the top and ostentatious, but that’s really what a Great Gatsby themed party is all about. It’s good to feel decadent once in awhile – unless you attend Jay Gatsby’s actual party, then you would feel decadent every weekend!

With Love!

xx Courtney xx

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