Mad Scientist Party

Kids parties are fun. You can go absolutely wild with them and take every little aspect to the limit to create a magical world that they can play in. The beauty behind a child’s mind is the imagination and different worlds that can spring from them – so why not make your child’s party exactly what they imagined?

I love the idea of a Mad Scientist party. I’m not much of a science brain but I had a customer at work mention they were planning a Mad Scientist themed party to me on the phone and I fell in love with the idea! It’s creative, unique and super fun! I later discovered these amazing designs from Sharnel Dollar Designs that brought to life all these ideas I had buzzing in my head. Here are some super fun ways that you can have your very own Mad Scientist workshop!


Photo by Leanne Stamatellos for  Sharnel Dollar Designs

First off, you and your kids have to look the part! When you think of a scientist you think white lab coats, pocket protectors, bunsen burners and test tubes, so why not utilize this stereotype? Get some white coats and make a cute ID badge to give you to all your guests. It would also make a great gift for them all to take home and remember the event.

Dry Ice

Photo by Leanne Stamatellos for  Sharnel Dollar Designs

Secondly, you have to turn your home (or venue) into a stainless steel lab. You can do this by using a smooth, shiny top surface for the base of your experiments, food and drink set up and decorating with test tubes, microscopes and  beakers filled with them coloured liquid. Add a couple of squares of dry ice to the beakers and you will have a bubbly mixture that no science lab is ever seen without!

If you are having an adult Mad Scientist themed party, you can serve alcoholic drinks in these test tubes and beakers (vodka and cordial are always good looking beaker style drinks) for that extra special touch.


Photo by Leanne Stamatellos for  Sharnel Dollar Designs

Next, comes the food! Set up vases and jars (in the same sort of style as the beakers would be best) and fill with different candies and treats for your guests. Make your own periodic table style tags for each jar to give your candy buffet that science touch. It does have to be actual elements on the periodic table – just make them up!


Photo by Leanne Stamatellos for  Sharnel Dollar Designs

You can also make cookies in the shape of stereotypical lab equipment, such as beakers and elements. For a more 3D effect, add different coloured sugar pearls to the cookies by sticking them to the icing. It gives them the element of a bubbling beaker, but on a cookie! Great idea Sharnel Dollar Designs!


Photo by Leanne Stamatellos for  Sharnel Dollar Designs

And finally, when your guests are all finished making science experiments and eating test tube shaped cookies, take your event one step further and get a children’s entertainer in to mystify your guests with his own version of weird science! I live near a fun science centre called Questacon, and they make science experiments fun (and safe!) for children. Getting a guest entertainer in from a place like that will surely have all your guests screaming “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

Hope you have fun with your Mad Scientist party, and don’t forget that if you plan your own using any of these ideas, we would love to see it! Email me at

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