Pinata Cake!


Photo from A Subtle Revelry 

I’ve always been a fan of different and surprising cakes to help ring in a celebration, and I have discovered the creme de la creme of surprising cakes! This amazing pinata cake is from A Subtle Revelry  and would make a addition to a fun children’s party, or even an adult soiree. Here is how you can make such a delicious cake:


  • Two boxes of cake mix (any flavour you would like)
  • Two containers of frosting (any flavor – white vanilla looks particularly effective but again it is about your preference)
  • An assortment of small candies (i.e. jelly beans, Smarties, M&Ms, lollipops, snack-size chocolate bars, etc.)
  • A 1.5 quart oven-safe bowl (greased and floured) and an offset spatula.


1. Make cake mix according to box directions. Divide batter equally between two bowls (or use the same bowl and bake one cake, followed by another, allowing bowl to cool in between). Bake cakes at 350 degrees F for 45-50 minutes. Check cakes for doneness with a toothpick or skewer. If they come out clean, they are ready to be removed from the oven!

2. Remove cakes from oven. After 10 minutes carefully turn cakes onto a rack and allow to cool completely.

3. Arrange a plate over the cake and flip over so that the cracked side faces up (the smooth side should be on the bottom). With a sharp knife, cut evenly all around the top of the cake to remove the dome. Repeat with other cake.

4. Lay a cake with the exposed side up (the side in which the dome has been removed). Using a knife, make an outline of a smaller circle within the cake, leaving about 2-3 inches from the edges. Gently scoop out the inside with a spoon, going down a few inches. Be careful not to puncture the cake on the sides or bottom. Place the crumbled cake pieces in a separate bowl and save (they can be used to make cake pops later). Repeat with other cake.

5. Place one cake on a cake plate/stand, hollowed out center facing up. Apply frosting to the lip of the cake all around; this will allow the other cake piece to adhere when placed on top.

6. Fill the hole with assorted candies. When done, carefully place the other cake on top of the candy-filled cake, making sure to line up the edges.

7. With an offset spatula, apply a crumb coat of frosting to the cake (tip: put strips of parchment underneath the cake for an easy clean-up!). This initial frosting secures stray crumbs and allows for a neater, finished look when the second frosting is applied. Place cake in fridge for 15 minutes to chill.

8. Remove cake from fridge. Apply second coat of frosting. Decorate the cake as desired (we used confetti sprinkles).

9. The first cut of the cake will reveal the surprise of candies and treats inside! After the initial piece is taken out, the rest of the cake must be cut or it will cave in. Enjoy!

If you make your own pinata cake, we wanna see it! E-mail us photos to!

One thought on “Pinata Cake!

  1. I got this fantastic email from Kathy yesterday:

    “The best way to make it is with pound cake. It didn’t cave in that way. I put a little cocoa in one batter so top was vanilla cake bottom chocolate!”

    Great tip Kathy! And thanks for letting me know!


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