1920’s Themed Parties

My fiancee and I have been lucky enough to land a bartending gig at the infamous Spiegeltent – a beautifully ornate 1920’s handmade circus tent that tours the world boasting a variety of different vaudeville performances from French poetry, burlesque performances, swing dancing, jazz musicians and many more! Not only do we get to dress up 1920’s style and serve drinks, but we get to immerse ourselves in the 1920’s culture that goes beyond gangsters and dames! I thought it would be a great way to introduce you to a few different styles of 1920’s themed parties that you host, and how you can pull them off, so without further ado I ask you, what’s your poison doll?


Photo by Banner Events

First up is the classic 1920’s style gangster party that has proven to be the most popular amongst party guests nowadays. Banner Events helped come up with this “Rip Roaring Speakeasy” gangster themed party and used a variety of silhouettes as a mainframe for the party’s 20’s feel. The cutouts all hosted dapper guys in suits and hats, holding Tommy Guns and shooting bullets at the wall, and dames in feather hats, beads and flapper dresses.  It’s a more modern, shapelier idea for a 1920’s party and if you mix it with red, black and white hues like she did here it’s sure to look like a “modern” clip joint.

Plus, how cute are moustache chocolate lollipops? Great food idea to serve!


Photo by Loft On Lake

You can also head the way that Loft On Lake did and use the red, black and white colour theme as a backdrop for a Chicago Burlesque feel. Using boa feathers that burst out the top of a skinny vase makes for a great centerpiece that goes along with the burlesque underbelly feel. Same goes for the red velvet tablecloth and black chairs. It’s all about the seduction and tease of the illegal world – the illegal speakeasy’s full of booze, the criminal activity of the gangsters, the sexy seductions of the hookers and dancers. The more extravagant and “red light” your party is, the more you have hit the most popular party theme around!


Now you can go beyond the dark cellers of the 1920’s basements and join the streets of Chicago if you are looking for a more genuine feel of the 1920’s. I’m talking about the area where the women wore furs and respectable hats and A-line dresses, where the men were simply dapper and wore suspenders that didn’t hide their guns.  This version of the 1920’s is more classic, but can be just as fun when designing a theme for a party! It can still incorporate many aspects of the theme that you would find in a Speakeasy party, like the font on the invitations and guestlists etc, but it just means you would be more likely to find Jazz music rather than a burlesque dancer.

20s theme birthday party_black_white_glam birthday2

Photo by Haute’s Chocolates

You can take a leaf out of Haute’s Chocolates book, and go with a black and white colour theme instead of the red light theme. Use softer fabrics to decorate the venue, such as chantilly lace, ribbons, flower garlands, pearls, ruffles and sparkly diamonds. For an adults party, serve wine and champagne, as opposed to the hard liquors you would find at a speakeasy, and a sit down dinner would work best for this kind of style.

20s theme birthday party_black_white_glam birthday

Photo by Haute’s Chocolates

Use black and white stripes or a damask pattern are a great way to incorporate the more modern idea of 1920’s parties into your event. You can use them on wine bottles, gift bags, table settings or cupcake toppers, and they will help people to see that it might be a 1920’s theme, but it certainly isn’t a stuffy or uppercut style party!


Photo by Foley Photography 

You can also go the extra mile and get old-school equipment to decorate the tables as centre-pieces. These work well for things like music machines, old school cameras and even typewriters. It’s a great element to put on the tables, and would sure to be a talking point!

If you’re in Sydney as well, make sure to check out the club Palmer & Co. It’s a cute 1920’s style club that would make a great vintage style venue if you are looking to host your own 1920’s party. With wooden framework, dapperly dressed bartenders and stuffed animals on the wall, it’s certainly a style you want to incorporate into your party!

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