Steampunk Style Party

Steampunk, as describes it, is “a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy that features advanced machines and other technology based on the steam power of the 19th century. It takes place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world.”

This idea is an amazing one. Not only will it take you to a new world that parallels your one in the past, but it drops an aesthetically pleasing bomb on the idea to incorporate advanced technology. Think Cowboys and Aliens, or Bladerunner.

After delving into more grungier themes for parties, such as burlesque, I stumbled across some fun new items and designs that would make for an interesting party. Steampunk is one of these ideas. If your ever thinking about hosting a different style of party, this one is probably for you! Here are some great ideas to help you get started.


Photo from The Pixels Studios for  Sweets Indeed

This amazing Steampunk candy buffet incorporated the historical timeline in which hot air balloons ruled the skies. The “Round the World in 80 Days” charm made for a great prop setting, and the designers found themselves with two cute little vintage style hot air balloons to hang around the table. Now these might be difficult to come across but you can make your own using a little basket, a striped ball and some fishing wire, or you could search the hobby stores to see if they sell any kits you could use to put them together.

Once you’ve set up the hot air balloon backdrop, you can use an old washed out table to set your desserts on. Get old vintage style trunks to use as decorational bases and use cute hot air balloon picks in your cupcakes to carry out the look. It’s super cute, and would work perfectly for any Steampunk style party!


Photo from Paper Fiction

Once you’ve stuck your hot air balloon picks into your cupcakes, you might as well incorporate a very Steampunk style of mashing your themes together and use these super cute cupcake wrappers that I found at Paper Fiction. Laser cut like cogs and gears, this cupcake just screams Steampunk and if you are going to get anything Steampunk themed, it might as well be this!


Photo from Artsy Wedding Blog

Once you have decorated your candy buffet, now you can start on the venue itself! I found this amazing Steampunk set up from Artsy Wedding Blog and the idea was to get as many vintage style knick knacks on the table as a centrepiece. Cover it with vintage old school photographs, pocket watches, spare silver forks and vintage flowers and having all these historical items in the one setting will create that perfect balance and mixture for a Steampunk style party.

The above party blended all the colours and mismatching together with the stark white drapes and the main centerpiece for the party – the flying machine. In any Steampunk style story, game etc. there will always be some sort of flying machine and the older the style the better! So if you can get your hands on a miniature version, or can make one, you should definitely go to the effort!


Photo from Artsy Wedding Blog

A main fascination in the Steampunk universe is that for clocks, cogs and gears. The simple, yet advanced technology can be a huge decoration stepping stone for your party and you should create your own style of giant clocks to use as a backdrop. It can be made out of cardboard, and if you use a variety of different time measurements on the clocks, it will look amazing and fit in really well with the Steampunk idea.


Photo from Ruffled Blog

Last but not least comes this great idea from Ruffled blog. Vintage style black ornate baroque frames make an amazing idea for a Steampunk style wedding to use as a timeline of your relationship history. It could also work as a table seating chart or as just a fun decoration piece.

Black lace tablecloths, vintage suitcases and even a pumpkin are a great addition to the style as well, especially for a homestyle event!

Remember, anything vintage style but also advanced will work perfectly for your Steampunk theme and if you happen to have your own Steampunk party I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT THIS ONE. E-mail me at

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