Burlesque Bombshell Party


Photo from Vampire Rave.

Burlesque is one of my favourite things in the world! It’s super sexy, fun and helps make you feel like a million bucks! I dabbled in some burlesque dancing and have always been fond of the style and feeling you get from dancing for the crowd. Because of this, I have decided to host a burlesque bombshell party for my own bachelorette party. I’ve found some amazing ideas from Hostess with the Mostess on the best way to decorate if you are interested in planning your own burlesque style party – just don’t forget to hire your own teacher to teach you the bumps ‘n’ grinds for entertainment!

Bombshell Cake toppersPhoto by Hollie Renner Photography for Itsy Belle

Cupcakes are the greatest food to serve at a party, and are the sweetest treat for a burlesque dancer! Get yourself some super fancy black and white damask printed cupcake wrappers and make some delicious purple icing for the top. Purple is a super decadent colour and would work well for the extravagance of a burlesque dancer, so aim for a purple theme for your decorations.

You can print cute retro style bombshells onto a piece of cardboard and stick it to a pick to put in the cupcakes to go along with the theme! You could also go for a different approach and create cute silver lace cardboard tiaras on the cupcakes as well. Fancy!


Photo by Hollie Renner Photography for Itsy Belle

Keep going with the purple theme, and serve delicious purple and white candies in glass jars and on white plates. Wild Blackberry jelly beans and rock candy make delicious additions to a dessert table, and if you want a healthy option you could serve a berry plate as well. Yummy!


Photo by Hollie Renner Photography for Itsy Belle

A damask filigree pattern on the wall behind the dessert table would make a super fancy and cute addition to the decorations. You can even match it to the cake by decorating a solid white cake with filigree lace around the outside.

Underwear Garland

Photo by Hollie Renner Photography for Itsy Belle

If you want to get a fun way of decorating the party as well you could create your own clothes horse garland. Incorporate the burlesque element by getting some sexy lacey lingerie and hanging it up using pegs on a long natural coloured string.

You can also decorate with long feathers in vases for table centre pieces, feather boas, lace, drapes and silks. Anything super fancy like tiny top hats are definitely a plus!

Thank You

Photo by Hollie Renner Photography for Itsy Belle

And, finally, if you want to put a spin on your favours to give to guests as well, you can take a leaf out of Hostess’ book and hand out a variety of purple, black and silver nail polishes. A super cute gift that would be inexpensive, but very true to the theme!

Stay tune for some more ideas for burlesque style parties. I will most definitely be rediscovering some more ways to incorporate the pin up element into our parties, and if you have any more ideas you can let me know by emailing me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

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