Skateboarding Party

London Tea

Photo by London Tea

My brother Ben is an epic skateboarder who runs his own skateboard company named London Tea – and today just happens to be his 25th birthday! He’s a super cool dude, so in honor of his amazing skateboarding and his general amazing self, here is how you can have a skateboarding themed party. It’s bound to be popular for the boys!


Photo from Love Cake Walk

First off, there are many  fun ways to bring in a skateboarding theme for the snacks served at your party. You could follow in the steps of Love Cake Walk and serve donuts in the shape of skateboarding wells, as well as long cookies in the shape of trucks. You could even reconstruct the whole board using cookies and cake! Yum! If your stuck for ideas, you can check out their Etsy page for some other goody ideas!

213 Skateboard Cupcakes 9

Photo by Salt Cake City

If your a little less adventurous with your cake decorating, you could make cupcakes and use fondant or even plastic skateboards as cake toppers like these ones above from Salt Cake City. You can also score yourself a few Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam Skate Cake Toppers from 

Some fun things to have on offer at your skateboarding party is to set up a game of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarder on the game console you have and have some rock playing on your CD player. It is sure to be one awesome party. And as awesome as skaters are, they won’t require much decorations in regards to your venue, because they will be outside skating!


Photo from Love Cake Walk

When your guests are ready to head home after a full day of jamming, you can send them on their way with this cute Vans inspired goodie bag! Fill it with useful skateboarding accessories or a skate DVD for full on fun they will never forget!

So here are some fun ways you can throw your son a skateboarding party in honor of my brother Ben. I love you man! Hope you had a great day! And don’t forget, buy his boards! They’re awesome!

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