Hawaiian Luau

Hawaii is my favourite place in the whole wide world. It is where my fiancee and I went on holidays when we first got together and it’s where we plan to tie the knot next year, so to say that anything even remotely Hawaiian makes me squeal with delight is an understatement. I also have a pineapple tattoo 🙂

I’ve been working on creating some amazing Hawaiian Luau and Tiki Party ideas for awhile, so I though I would introduce you to some of them, after being inspired by Amy Atlas’ amazing party that she put together. Here is some ways that you can create your own tropical paradise, based on some photos she posted on her blog…


Photography by White Spark Photography for  Leo and Bella

For anything Hawaiian or Tiki style, the first thing you have to start off with is the bar! Rattan Straw skirts are a must for any food and beverage tables and if you can get your hands on a wall piece of it this will make an amazing backdrop for your food tables!

You can use wooden blackboards to label the tables, and Tiki torches add that special spark to the event. Use cute Hawaiian icons to bring in the tropical theme and feel to the event, such as pineapples and hibiscus flowers and spread them all around your tables.

A cute idea to pull the Hawaiian style together is get a series of cute plastic coconut cups from a dollar store and lay them out for the guests to use. You can even put in cute little umbrellas in the cups, or pink flamingo drink stirrers!


Photography by White Spark Photography for  Leo and Bella

Now when decorating your food table, you can go with vintage style that Amy Atlas did above and mix the rattan style straw table skirts with pastel but tropical colours, like pink, yellow, white and green. Pineapples make the best Hawaiian decorations, as well as dark wood and coconuts that give the decorations a beachy feel. Glass vases full of golden sand also make an amazing centerpiece for tables!


Photography by White Spark Photography for  Leo and Bella

Don’t forget to serve tropical style foods and beverages to your guests. Cookies shaped and iced like tropical icons are a great way to infuse the style into the food, as well as putting umbrellas and brightly coloured drink stirrers in glasses of drinks or even as cupcake toppers!


Photography by White Spark Photography for  Leo and Bella

You can also get creative with the flavours of the cupcakes and sweet treats available at your party. Pina Colada, pineapple, lime and coconut flavours are a must for any tropical party and you can create cute little pink coconut ice treats and lemon curd tarts for your guests as well as Pineapple Sunrise jelly shots! Mmmm, delish!

I hope you enjoyed this amazing Hawaiian themed idea. I will be bringing some more Tiki style and Hawaiian themed party concepts to you shortly, so I hope you will stay tuned!

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