Neon New Years

New Years is over, but that doesn’t mean that the party has to stop. While everyone else is ringing in 2013 in a boring way, with promises to diet and exercise more and to not binge on food and alcohol, why not continue the celebration with your very own neon party?

Now Neon parties are the best in a dark place, which is why nightclubs often host neon parties. If you can get your hand on a nightclub as a venue, or if your chosen venue will let you turn the lights out and decorate like crazy, then you will have yourself one kick ass time!

neon_green_80s_accessories_deal_2 copy

Photo by Street life

Now, lets face it, neon green track pants aren’t cool. But if you wear them in a room that is completely dark and they happen to glow, now that is much more on good side of awesome! As Street life mentioned above, guests of a neon party have a few must haves that they need to bring or wear to a neon party. Brightly coloured clothing and accessories mixed in layers have the best effect, so wear neon green gloves, a neon pink skirt, neon yellow bra and neon orange socks. White is also acceptable because you will glow under black lights. If you look like you belong in the 80’s, you’re doing it right!

Don’t forget, as a host, you should hand out a wad of glow in the dark things, like bracelets, necklaces, wands, glasses and earrings. Don’t forget to have some glow in the dark neon body paint handy to decorate your guests!


Photo by Led Glow

Now comes the decorations and the lighting – one of the most important aspects of a neon party! You need to make sure you can hire black lights and neon lights from the best party lighting store near you. Let them know your having a neon party and they will be more than happy to help put it together for you!

You can get these amazing accessories now which are made of a strong material with LED lights inside them, giving  them an awesome neon glow available in many different colours! Led Glow above is an Australian company that specialize in providing party accessories that glow neon, such as ice tubs, spheres, square seats, plant pots, bars, wine racks and stools. Get as many of these bad boys around your party as you can for that extra special effect!


Photo by Balloons Crew, Inc.

You can also do what Balloons Crew, Inc did above and set up table centrepieces made of wacky neon balloons. They might be hard to come by, but under black light they will glow tremendously!  Get neon coloured material to act as table cloths, chair covers and napkins for the extra glow factor on your tables and you can go so far as to get cute, brightly coloured LED light up drinks accessories as well.


Photo from We Heart It.

Last, but not least, you can get yourself some cool neon accessories to spice up your drinks. Get coloured LED ice cubes to put in the drinks, or use LED light up cups. Anything that can be used to bounce colours under a black light should be used and abused!


Photo by Byron Carr

Now an awesome way to invite your friends to your neon party is to have some fun invitations to send out. Do like graphic designer Byron Carr did, and base the majority of the invite on black, but use a subtle bright burst by adding in a single neon colour in the form of the main text and the envelope. It’s bound to get your guests attention!

If you have any other ideas on how to create a neon party, let me know! e-mail me at

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