Take Another Journey To Oz

Oz: The Great and Powerful is coming out soon and so it seems like the most perfect time to create your very own Oz Wonderland to take Dorothy to. You have probably seen our recent feature on making a Wizard of Oz themed party and  there are plenty of ways you can decorate it to create a new land every time. Amy Atlas’ blog below has some great ideas to do just that:

Cupcake_HousePhoto by All Things Cake And Small

While you can create the yellow brick road in many different styles around the house (tiles on the floor, lanterns on the ceiling) you can always use it as a main piece on your dessert table. Create yellow tiles out of clay (or fondant for an edible treat!) and place it in a road pattern down the table.

Put your desserts in jars around it and you can create a cute “Ding dong the witch is dead” cupcake by making it upside down and sticking fondant legs out the front. Don’t forget to add red shoes to the witch!


Photo by All Things Cake And Small

A cute idea is to get vintage milk bottles or jars ready and put green cordial or jelly in them to give the sense of the Emerald City in your very own little land of Oz. Don’t forget to provide favor bags in the form of wicker baskets ala Dorothy and fill with little treats (a stuffed black dog would be adorable!) to give to all your guests on the way out!

Decorate your guests tables with blue and white striped gingham table cloths like little Dorothy would wear. You can use yellow flowers to create the yellow brick road and green diamond scatters to create the Emerald City all over the table. Add red cordial drinks to the tables or red diamond scatters to bring in the red shoe element!


Photo by Jeff Tureaud

If you want to have a different kind of Wonderland party you can always go with a more rustic scarecrow feel. This would work if your venue was on a farm and you could work with the elements of hay, wood fences and fields. You can also theme it based on how the other friends of Dorothy were found, such as the Tin Man and the Lion.

Put plush scarecrow toys around the place, and use the natural elements to bring in one of the first exciting places Dorothy visited. You can even have cool activities to do in your party such as “make your own scarecrow” games.


Photo by Jeff Tureaud

As a fun favour for your guests, you could fill jars full of activities for your guests to take home, such as make your own jam biscuits. Put all the dry ingredients in the jar (and maybe the jam) so that guests can take the biscuits home and add in the wet ingredients. This is a very popular and fun way of bringing the party home to your guests.

If you have any more ideas on how to create your own Wizard of Oz themed party, e-mail me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

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