Crafty Cookie Christmas

When you think of Christmas colours the first thing you think of is green and red. They don’t particularly look good together and have so much Christmas packed into them that if you saw them anywhere else at any other time of year you would instantly think back to carols being played too early and falling asleep after Christmas dinners. In an attempt to make Christmas different, people are searching for new colour schemes that will set their whole Christmas off to be the best one yet.

I’m a firm believer of tweaking things to make them perfect. Red and green are solely Christmas colours, so why not use that obvious colour scheme to your advantage and just tweak it slightly different and to make it right for you. Use the general colours of bright red but mix it with a light mint green hue instead of a bright forrest green. Add in white and some light gingerbread brown and you have an amazing colour coordination for Christmas!

Use your cute gingerbread Christmas colour scheme and get crafty! It’s a great way to cut costs as Christmas and gives your friends and family something extra special. Make gingerbread cookies, homemade pies or jam and make a cute homemade tag to go with it. It’s a great idea for kids to get involved in as well!

Here is a “mood chart” of sorts to help you design your own crafty cookie Christmas!

Borrowed with love from etsy.

Taken from Once Upon Supplies.

Taken from Pink Frosting.

If you have any ideas for making a mint green, brown, white and red Christmas treat let me know at thepartyconnection@hotmail.

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