An Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffany’s Party!

When you think Audrey Hepburn you think Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and when you think Breakfast at Tiffany’s you think beautiful jewelry, class, sophistication and the colour of Tiffany blue (yes, Tiffany has honed that shade!). So why not have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme for an elegant and sophisticated bridal shower, kitchen tea or 21st? Here are some great ways to pull off your very own Holly Golightly themed party…

What you want to begin with is the basic Breakfast at Tiffany’s colour scheme for your event. Tiffany’s has a specific colour blue hue that is a must for any Tiffany’s style party. It’s a mix between a light blue and a mint green so you should try to get a mix of that in the party. Black and white is also a must because when you think of the basic Breakfast at Tiffany’s style you see Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress. Design your decorations around these colour schemes and you will be golden!

Photo from Kaboodle.

There are many great ideas for a centre piece that will simply boast the elegance, class and sophistication that is Tiffany’s. You can go for the Martini centre piece and get a giant glass martini glass to play the centre piece. Fill it with blue gel, shimmering white sand or fake crystals and have fake pearl beads hanging out in a decorative array. It’s very Hepburn, and very Tiffany’s! You can also use this martini as a great favor for your guests by putting little presents in blue and white organza bags in a smaller martini and use it as a place setting.

Photo by HGTV.

Another more grand idea is to get a tall glass vase and fill it again with fake crystals. Put stems of white ostrich feathers coming out in a cascade out the top and drape those fake pearl beads from them. This idea looks really cute if you have heaps of Tiffany blue items on the tables, such as gifts or place settings.

Photo by Toni Spilsbury

On the food table you can decorate with many different types of ornate and baroque frames to use as place card holders for each type of food. With your Breakfast at Tiffany’s dessert table it will look really stylish and effective! You can also decorate with black velvet “necks” and fake necklaces!

Photo by Toni Spilsbury

Don’t forget to serve decadent foods fit for Tiffany’s! Think pastries and chocolate dipped strawberries, special cocktail foods and you can even serve cute black cupcakes with Tiffany blue icing and use a fake diamond ring as the cupcake pick – just make sure no body eats it!


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