Haunted Black Light Portrait Cookies!

Photo from TikkiDo

I found this amazing idea from TikkiDo when she made a Let The Ghoul Times Roll black light party where everything was glow in the dark – including the cookies! She made sugar cookies with gilded frames (gold icing) and random portraits in the middle (painted on with a fine paintbrush) which looked normal under normal lights and then when a black light turned on they turned into spooky haunted portraits!

Tikki Do tried many options to create the black light worthy paint, including mixing Quinine (what gives the tonic water a bitter taste) in tonic water and then boiling the tonic water down to concentrate the quinine before painting them on the cookies. The last try was using non-toxic black light reactive face make up to paint on the designs. Just make sure you get non – toxic face make up to ensure your cookies aren’t harmful when eating!

If you get your own idea on how to make these awesome cookies, let me know! e-mail me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

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