Follow The White Rabbit Party

The White Rabbit is the reason Alice went to Wonderland. Without seeing him dashing around yelling “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” she wouldn’t have followed her curiosity down the rabbit hole. Amazing things happen down that rabbit hole, so it’s a fun idea for a themed party that guests will never forget! Continue on your journey into Wonderland with these cute White Rabbit themed ideas:

The image that is conjured (at least for me) for what the White Rabbit is like, is a white bunny wearing a cute little tweed jacket with a pocket watch in his jacket. So the idea to theme a White Rabbit party is to make the whole event completely white (including the guests!) but mix it up by using a small patch of colour to involve the idea that it is not just a plain white bunny rabbit, but an intelligent bunny rabbit in a tweed jacket. My basic idea was to use a smattering of brown lanterns, tissue paper fans and pom poms to represent the jacket.

Hang the brown paper ball lanterns (use different shades of brown like a champagne tan and a chocolate brown) alongside white ones all along the tables (or bunched together if your using rounds) and if you want to continue the light colour, you could add brown coloured table runners to the white tables as well. However, since it is a White Rabbit themed party, don’t go too crazy with the colour. You just want to break up the white a little, not a lot!

Photo by Matt Root at World Red Eye.

Deck the venue out in completely white. It works well if it is a garden party or in a marquee because marquees are generally white and other venues may not be so accommodating with their natural decor. Use ceiling drapes in pure white, as well as white table cloths and white napkins with white flowers and other white decor. However, to make a pure white party the guests have to dress in all white. If you don’t have guests in white, it ruins the idea. Clubs around the globe make white parties famous, and it looks amazing so make sure your guests get into the spirit.

Photo by 100 Layer Cake

If you want a White Rabbit party, but don’t want the decor to be fully white, you can do what they did at 100 Layer Cake and mixed the White Rabbit/ Alice in Wonderland theme with colours of gold and layers of sophistication. They added gold painted figurines (you can get your own from Typo and spray paint it!) to the tables such as bunny rabbits and even had gold painted lawn flamingos! A great idea to add the classy element to a White Rabbit party!

Photo from Country Living.

On the tables, don’t forget to add pocket watches. The White Rabbit is famous for his pocket watch and always being late for his important dates, so the watch will make a great addition to a White Rabbit party. Make sure it’s not a colourful watch (brown or silver would be best) and you can get either expensive ones or cheap ones from Diva depending on your budget. They would also make amazing gifts for guests to take home as well.

Let me know if you have had your own White Rabbit party and if you did, how did you do it? E-mail me at

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