Cheshire Cat Pink and Purple Party

While a Mad Hatter’s tea party might be the most popular, and a Queen of Hearts party might be the most decadent, you can’t go passed having a celebration for one of Alice in Wonderland’s most well loved character – The Cheshire Cat! Known for being fun, crazy, kooky and mysterious, while also being wise and full of notable ideas, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate this way? Here are some fun ways that you can pay homage to one of the greatest cat characters in history!

The Cheshire Cat is well known for being purple and pink striped (except if you watched the Tim Burton movie, where he was a plain brown cat with striking blue stripes) so they best way to convey your Cheshire Cat theme is to style your party in these colours. It would work well for a distinctively girly event like a 21st birthday party or a similar event.

Use items like purple tablecloths to decorate the tables and introduce the pink stripes of the cat by laying out pink napkins at each place setting. Use purple plates laid on top of the napkins to give it that striped pattern of purple on pink on purple on pink etc…

A great idea is to introduce lighting into your Cheshire Cat feel and use all purple lighting in the venue. Decorate with little pink lanterns around the place to mix up the colours a bit or you can go like The Knot did above and scatter pink pillows and vases of flowers around the place.

Photo by Hayley Holness

Balloons are a great way to incorporate the pink and purple mix into the decorations. Whether you get a bunch of the two colours to stand by the doors, or by making a rainbow above the dessert table like The Little Big Company did, you can really incorporate the colours into the party. A rainbow of balloons might be the best way to go to celebrate the cat’s cheeky smile.

Don’t forget to provide a range of purple and pink foods for your guests to enjoy! Mix it up with clear or white items as well, such as purple grape juice in clear vintage milk bottles, purple cake pops and pink musk sticks in jars, just to make sure your guests don’t drown in THAT much purple and pink.

While you’ve captured the essence of the Cheshire Cat, don’t forget to make sure he is present for his own party too! Dress up like the cat, use his image on the invitations or put a little stuffed cat around the venue. Use his smile as invites, or draw them on the chalkboard where guests choose their drinks. Adding the actual image of the Cheshire Cat in will be what separates a Cheshire Cat party from your run of the mill pink and purple party! I got this fun idea for Cheshire Cat cake pops from Aiea Bowl.

If you have any other ideas on how to have your own Cheshire Cat party, let me know at

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