Trending: Vintage Milk Bottles

Photo from Canadian Family.

Candy Buffets are super popular right now, and for pretty much every stylised candy buffet is the addition of a variety of drinks served in vintage milk bottles. This cute addition is such an effective decoration piece that can be used in almost every different kind of themed party and because they are so bland they have a subtitle effect on the bar. They look neat and you can fill them with anything that would reflect your party.

I’ve seen them full of plain milk for a milk bar party or coloured and flavoured milk for a coloured theme party (chocolate milk for a sock monkey party, strawberry milk for a girl baby shower etc.); Lemonade for a children’s party, vodka lemonade for an adults party. Coloured cordial for a rainbow party and tiny spiders floating in an orange elixir for a Halloween party. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever you do, make sure to match it with straws of the same colour of the drink your putting in the bottle. Paper Eskimo vintage paper straws match the bottles really well and are the most popular accompaniment. They come in different colours striped or spotted with white and match really well with the vintage feel.

If you can’t get your hands on the current vintage milk bottles circulating party stores, you can also use glass jars to get the same kind of feel.

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