Mad Hatters Tea Party

To me, Alice in Wonderland is the greatest story ever told, and with it’s vast array of fun and crazy characters you can create an enchanting world for guests to play in at a party. You can use any aspect of the story and the worlds to theme your event and the possibilities are endless! This is why an Alice in Wonderland themed party is by far one of my favourite themed parties to attend, and if you throw one you can bet everyone will come!

I will spend a few different entries giving you ideas and inspiration on how to create your own version of Wonderland using different elements of the story. But first, here are some ideas on how to throw the most popular theme for adults and children alike – a Mad Hatter’s tea party!

Photo from Party Wishes.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party was a colourful array of mad! Set up your table as one long seating arrangement as opposed to round tables of eight and use different multicoloured tablecloths or seat covers to give it a crazy but fun feel. Don’t put the different colours together like you would see in a rainbow or you will end up with a very manufactured party and guests might have a bit of trouble getting into the spirit that way.

Photo from Patter from Patti

If it is a grown up party, you can tone down the colour a bit by only putting a colourful sash in the shape of a bow on the back of wooden chairs, and use a more pastel coloured tablecloth to bring a garden party feel to the madness. Hang different coloured paper ball lanterns or garlands over the table like Patter from Patti did above. Don’t be afraid to make a mixture of different tones and elements included in the party design – it’s supposed to be mad!

Photo from Party Wishes.

Use garden flamingos and other garden style decorations as fun ornaments that add to the Wonderland feel and feel free to play a game of croquet in the garden! Party Wishes had a great idea of hanging paper ball lanterns from a tree and adding a cute little Cheshire Cat stuffed toy in the tree. It will surely remind your guests of where they are!

Now to the fun bit – the food and drink! It’s a tea party, so make sure you have plenty of tea available (ice tea is probably best!) but you can also drink champagne and other fun party drinks – just make sure you serve it in a variety of tea cups and teapots!

I once went to a friend’s Mad Hatter tea party and she had teapot cocktails available and you could only have it if you brought your own teacup. It meant there was a vast array of teacups to go with the mix match style of a Mad Hatter and everyone was comfortable drinking from their favourite teacups.

I’ve always wanted to serve tiny little glass bottles on each table with a colourful label saying “Drink Me” on it, like Alice encountered. Inside the little bottle could be multicoloured vodka shots – definitely an adults drink! But you could also serve little biscuits that have “Eat me” written on them as well. Don’t forget to serve guests a variety of cakes, pastries, finger sandwiches and delicious garden party foods! Yummy!

So here are some great ideas for you to host your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. If you have hosted one, let me know! E-mail me at Coming up, I will show you how you can create your very own party based on the idea of the Queen of Hearts! Don’t miss out!

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