Let Them Eat Cake

In the same vein of a Melbourne Cup Garden Party, you could throw yourself a beautiful French, Marie Antoinette style bridal shower or birthday party that screams girly, sophisticated and most of all decadent.

I loved Sophia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoinette, showing the legendary queen (played by Kirsten Dunst) in a whole new light; young, carefree and looking for fun. It reflects many passions that go on today in society, no matter where you are in life. So why not celebrate that with this fun theme? Here are some great ways to do just that:

Photos from Frolic Events.

Marie Antoinette was a lady of society, and in having a Marie Antoinette themed party you should use colours and decorational items that are generally considered girly. Pinks, creams, pastels and rose undertones are a great colour scheme to work with and can be used in just about every decorational element. Using different hues of these colours will also contrast really well together and avoid a mismatch look.

Use pom poms and lanterns as a key decorational tool to hang above tables and main areas. Martha Stewart has an amazing pom pom range that comes in a pack of six and comes in two different sizes and colours to spread well together at the event.

Use pink table cloths, white napkins, clear glassware and pink taper candles to provide a girly but very Versaille feel to your event and make sure you have plenty of comfy lounges for your high to do guests to laze upon like a queen! Buttons, roses, lace and anything that looks sugar coated is a go for this kind of event!

“Let them eat cake” was a popular misquote from the Queen Marie Antoinette that she has been claimed to have said when she heard the people of Versailles were starving and she and her ladies in waiting had all the fancy food they could feast on. In honor of this legend it is only befitting that your event also inspires taste buds with a Queen worthy array of snacks and beverages.

Serve exquisite things such as champagne (pink and Moet, the better!) in champagne stems and fancy teas in teapots and tea cups. Provide macaroons, to- die- for cakes and pastries, cupcakes, strawberries and other delicious berries. Serve them on lacey plates and just remember, if you don’t go home without a toothache – you didn’t do it right!

I got these amazing photos from 4 The Love of All Things Pretty and Behance. 

And don’t forget to dress the part! Wear your best cocktail outfit, put on some snazzy shoes and enjoy yourself. Marie Antoinette would have! Thanks We Heart It for the amazing picture above!

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